This report by ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) can leave every reader in shock and exclaim AAH!. A reputed and one of the best chain of Five Star hotels across the country and world, has been found violating many FDA rules and regulations. The Taj Mahal Palace hotel at Colaba, Mumbai has no restaurant license, has untrained staff and many more violations, much to the chagrin and surprise of FDA.


TAJ Mahal Palace and Tower, one of Mumbai’s Landmark 5 Star hotels, and one of the most reputed brand in the country, has shockingly been found using expired food ingredients and harmful substances in their kitchen, during the search and raid operations by Maharashtra’s Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Officials. In a Right to Information (RTI) reply, FDA’s department gave some shocking information to Abhay Pandey, President, All Food and Drug Licence Holders Foundation (AFDLHF) on April 9, 2018. Some of the violations include use of expired Lasun Chutney (Garlic Paste) and harmful MSG, also known as Ajinomoto, commonly used in Chinese preparations.

According to the information provided, on December 29, 2017 FDA officials searched/raided Taj Mahal Palace Hotel being run by M/S Indian Hotels Company, owned by renewed industrialist Ratan Tata. In presence of hotel’s liasoning officer, Sudhakar Shigwan, FDA officials listed/noted around 15 violations in hotel, few of which are mentioned below:

1- During the search of the store house, officials found expired Lasun Chatni (garlic paste) packets stored with other foods items.

2-Lots of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)- better known as Ajinomoto-packets found. The hotel employee admits that Ajinomoto is being used in raw foods as well as in Chinese items. But as per rule, hotel has not published any notice for information to customers, so that they can make informed choices.

3- Management failed to produce ‘deluxe grade certificate’ issued from Maharashtra tourism department for five star hotels/restaurants.

4- Management failed to produce lay out plan of hotel/restaurant.

5-Management failed to produce details of raw food items (production/sell) being used in hotel/restaurant.

6-Management failed to produce certificate of categorised tested drinking water.

7-Management has not mentioned any instruction/notice or printed in menu card that which type of oil is being used for preparing food.

8- Management was not using FIFO and FEFO system in establishment.

9-Management failed to produce FSMS plan.

10-  Management failed to produce medical certificate of employees working in the establishment.

11- Management failed to produce ‘training certificate’ given to employees for security of foods.

12-There are seven restaurants in establishment but management failed to produce ‘restaurant license’ although it is necessary as per Food Security Act- 2006.

Copy of the search/ report available with ABI (

“I am stunned to read the FDA’s report. How can a reputed and famous Hotel like Taj Mahal Palace flout FDA guidelines so blatantly. This shows absolute disregard for the law of the land. What is more shocking is that FDA has not taken any action against the establishment’, said Abhay Pandey.

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