About Us

We take immense pleasure in launching our daily E newspaper ABI

In today’s changing  scenario  e is the  magic word, e-newspaper, e-governance, e-commerce, e-banking , e-Corporate etc. ‘e’ is not only ecofriendly, it also provides direct interface providing two way communication for  between service providers and users.

With the upwardly mobile young generation now forming majority of the population, there is a rapid shift in the way people read their newspapers. In fact the term ‘newspaper’ is quickly becoming obsolete with all the major media houses all over the world now endeavoring to provide all the content in easy to access, digital format. The result of the same is that people now read and access news on various devices such as computers, mobiles and tablets.

No wonder then, that news websites are being simultaneously launched not just by the news channels but also by the traditional newspaper companies. abinet.org is among those unique online news portal added in the fastest growing online media vehicles available in the market.

With traditional Print media’s reach declining by the day, as seen from declining readership, this space is fast getting taken over by e-paper and e-news websites which is the way of the future.


abinet.org aims to carry out investigative journalism and reporting and aim to provide factually correct news on a timely basis. It will undertake interviews of eminent personalities that are currently in limelight. In a broad sense we intend to cover and create headlines in the fields of current affairs, political developments, crime and investigations, financial developments and sports. Special emphasis will also be placed on news pertaining to social welfare and security of citizens.

Target Audience / Readers

All people who wish to be updated on current affairs as it happens and for unbiased and fearless reporting of only the truth.Special focus would be crime specially happening in India.


Assuring you of our commitment to provide credible and exclusive news at the fastest possible time so that at any given time, abinet.org will be and can be counted upon.



Team ABI                                                                                                             

ABI group includes one of the biggest names in investigative journalism – Mr. Akela (Tarakant Dwivedi) who has reported for several top newspapers in Mumbai.

Akela is a crusader who has unearthed multiple scams singlehandedly and fearlessly on regular basis. His unique style of journalism has exposed wrong doing in society by law breakers and has helped the law to punish the wrong doers. His numerous exposures have impacted a lot of national political lobbies.  Apart from Mr. Akela several other people from marketing and technical fields have joined the group and have 10+ years of experience in media field.

Editor Investigation: Tarakant Dwivedi “Akela”