DCP Akhilesh Singh’s stupidity squanders molestation allegations at Navy School


In November 2017, ABI (Akela Bureau Of Investigation) had published an article ” NAVY SCHOOL HORROR: When asked by Principal 20 students accept Physics teacher Sanjio Landge molested girls in classroom ” about how a Physics Teacher Sanjio Langde was molesting and abusing girls at Kendriya Vidyalaya located at NCH Colony, Bhandup (West), Mumbai-400078, which is being run by Indian Navy.

Despite it being over 6 months since the investigation, no serious headway has been made into the investigation. DCP Akhilesh Singh is solely responsible for this. Call it DCP’s immaturity, or stupidity, or may be he has a vested interest in squandering an investigation on such serious allegations but DCP Akhilesh Singh’s conduct during investigation of this incident has been nothing but bizarre and suspicious.

To recap, The accused teacher, identified as Sanjio V. Landge. He teaches physics to class 11 and 12. Over 20 girls had complained to the Principal Pramila Pal, leveling the allegation of molestation and abuse against Sanjio Landge. The copy of the complaint is available with ABI.

Despite this being such a serious allegation, about molestation involving minor school girls, DCP Akhilesh Singh, committed numerous logical and procedural blunders due to which the investigation into these severe allegations were completely swept under the carpet.

First and foremost, severity of these allegations would have merited that DCP Akhilesh Singh, under whose jurisdiction the school falls, should have ensured a fair, systematic and most of all impartial investigation into the matter.It is quite possible that the allegations, if true would even have attracted the stringent provisions of The Protection of Children from Sexual offences Act of 2012 (POCSO).

DCP Akhilesh Singh, delegated the matter to officials of Parksite Police Station at Vikhroli. The Parksite Police station officials, instead of conducting an independent police investigation, just called on the Principal of the school and asked her about the veracity of these allegations. The principal, Pramila Pal, to protect the reputation of the school, as well as to shield the accused teacher, said that the allegations of the girls had no merit. Based on her word, the police closed the investigation and reported back to DCP Akhilesh Singh, saying that the allegations were untrue. Akhilesh Singh in turn reported to the media that the allegations were false. This was the most foolish thing that could have possibly been done. Subsequently, after Akhilesh Singh reported to the media that the allegations made by the girls were untrue, the media interest and frenzy in the case relented and it led to even shoddier investigation by the Parksite Police.

Once the media heat was off from the incident and case, the Principal, Pramila Pal, through coercive methods, forced the girls to renege on their complaint, by threatening them with expulsion, and fear of other actions which were detrimental to their careers. The Parksite Police, instead of visiting the residence of the victims, took the statement in school, which was mentally scarring for the girls. The Principal ensured that she kept her pet physics teacher safe by forcing the girls to change the statement by applying severe mental pressure as explained above. This incident has left several girls mentally scarred, possibly for life. Their faith in the school authorities as well as Law and Order Machinery has been completely shaken. All this has happened because of severe lapse of judgement exhibited by DCP Akhilesh Singh.

Sudhir Singh, former vice president of NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) had complained to the Police Station as well, but no heed was given to his complaint. The principal and officials of the Park Site Police Station, in connivance with each other managed to dilute the case and made a mess of the investigation, in a way that No action was taken against the accused. DCP Akhilesh Singh, should have exhibited better judgement and should not have made statements to the media before the investigation was complete and should have ensured that the investigation was fair.

Expecting Naval Administration to intervene in the above matter is not an option. Traditionally Navy has been rather lenient during instances of Molestation and brawls with the Naval Administration Personnel, so this case seems no different. Therefore, there are no expectations from Navy to intervene in this matter, despite the severity of the allegations. So no action or investigation is expected from the Navy, despite Kendriya Vidyalaya School operating on Property of the Navy.


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