UPHOLDING the rights of a wife in a marriage, the Punjab & Haryana High Court has ruled calling a wife “Kaali-Kaluti” as a ground for divorce.

The woman from Mahendergarh, Haryana claims that her husband used to often taunt and mistreat her. She was also often forced to stay away from her matrimonial home because of her husband’s constant humiliation, especially in front of other people, for not preparing food for them.

The court while accepting her plea, has stated that the wife has been successful in establishing mistreatment by her husband and taunts for her skin colour. This constitutes a ground for divorce as there has been mental and physical cruelty by the husband.

While setting aside the family court order, a division bench of J. M. M. S. Bedi and Gurvinder Singh Gill has said in their order that there is enough evidence to support the wife’s claim.

The woman was compelled to leave her husband’s home and live with her parents. The evidence has been produced and proved by the parents of the wife. All the record is available to the court as an affidavit of the wife.

The parents of the woman had since 2012 requested the husband’s family to reconcile the matter amicably; however, they were only replied with threats that they would solemnize their son’s marriage with someone else, .i.e. arrange for the second marriage of their son.

Courtesy : LAWRATO.COM

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