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IRONY just died a painful death! After witnessing a drama that has bordered on the strange and bizarre since last two weeks, it is a safe conclusion to assume that Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) is being run by politicians and not bureaucrats. The current issue is Yuvraj Bhadane, Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the corporation. His downfall is being orchestrated and used by all the tainted persons associated with the Corporation.

Last month on pressure from a few politicians, when Yuvraj Bhadane was on leave, his cabin was sealed and then broken. Many files, blank cheques, identity cards and documents were recovered. This incident shook the city and gave all allegedly corrupt officials an opportunity to extract revenge on Yuvraj Bhadane.

ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) is not giving clean chit to Yuvraj Bhadane. However fact remains that he has taken on the powerful builder lobby in Ulhasnagar. In fact he has antagonised officials within UMC and has taken strict action against illegal structures that have mushroomed in the city. Recently, few media persons awarded him the title of Ulhasnagar’s Govind Rao Khairnar i.e. Hammer Man. ABI would like to raise a few pertinent questions over action on his cabin in his absence.

1- Why Bhadane’s cabin was sealed and broken into while he was away on leave? What was the urgency?

2 – Who are the complainants? Are they are persons with clean image or antecedents or are they front men for corrupt politicians and builders?

3- Who authorised this action while Bhadane was on leave? Was necessary action taken to prevent planting of files or other incriminating documents in his cabin?

4- Why was Commissioner in pressure of politicians to break into and seal the cabin of his own officer, who was on the leave despite him being a grade-1 officer?

5- Is there a protocol to follow while breaking or sealing an officer’s cabin in his absence? Was proper chain of custody followed? Are there steps to ensure that no other false documents were ‘planted’ in the cabin when the officer was absent and unable to defend himself?

6- Balu Netke has been appointed as Investigating Officer (IO) in this matter. Netke is leading fire man. He is a junior officer than Yuvraj Bhadane. How he can investigate the matter being subordinate to Bhadane.

It is well known that in Ulhasnagar’s most politicians are businessmen or financed by businessmen and builder lobby and involved in criminal activities. They are known to often bend the law or break it blatantly to suit their business interests. They often are hand in glove with the officials of UMC.

While ABI is in no way professing a clean chit to Bhadane or implying that he is innocent, these activities targeting him are clearly suspicious and are pandering to vested interests.

Yuvraj Bhadane has a history of taking on politicians and businessmen engaged in illegal activities. Whenever he has assumed charge of other departments, he has taken actions on several illegal structures. The complainants Bhagwan Bhalerao, Rajendra Chaudhari, Manoj Lassi, Prakash Talreja and Dilip Malvankar are among them. The Commissioner knew that the complainants have dubious and questionable reputations? That is why the sudden and unexpected hurry in sealing Bhadane’s cabin is inexplicable.

There is nothing wrong in finding files in Bhadane’s cabin. Lots of IAS, IPS and Honourable Judges, Magistrates carry official files with them and work from residence. Citizen can remember few years back the UMC headquarter was running from ‘Kalani Mahal.’ All files were being clear from Mahal. No politician had dared to oppose it.

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Sushil Kripashankar Shukla
Sushil Kripashankar Shukla

Investigation should be done in proper way

Subodh Pralhad Gondane
Subodh Pralhad Gondane

The question still panders about the various forged I-cards of Maharashtra Government, Mantralaya, the rubber stamps, the seals, the blank cheques, and moreover Mr Bhadane has always been biased with the Journalist’s and their newspapers regarding the advertisement given for publication on rotation basis. Moreover he has always tried to dominate the Journalist’s and used slang language to some. Few years ago Mr Ashok Verma then Correspondent of Navbharat and Mr Gulab Pawar of Thane vaibhav were whisked away by bhadane handling them roughly holding their shirt collars from the Umc press room. The next day most of the journalists… Read more »


Ulhasnagar ke politicians b chor aur municipal staff b chor. badhane b corrupt aur usko fasane wale kalani aur chamchas to sab chori gundagardi me famous, khas kar bada K chamcha lassi.


Sab chor hain