A man became the victim of online fraud in Lucknow when he was trying to cancel an order. On Wednesday, a man from Virat Khand, Gomtinagar ordered food from an online food delivery app. Not satisfied with the quality of the food, the man decided to contact customer care.

The aggrieved man’s name has been changed to Aman. He searched for the customer care number on the internet and called them. Allegedly, the toll-free number of the company was fake. A man received the call and introduced himself as the customer care executive of the online food delivery platform.

The man posing as the customer care executive asked Aman to install an application and log in to his savings bank account. Aman followed the instructions and entered the details of his bank account in the app. As soon as he did this, Aman received a one-time password (OTP) on his phone. The customer care executive then asked Aman to type the OTP to get the refund. Aman followed and within minutes, Rs 4 lakh was withdrawn from his account.

According to the police, the accused had asked Aman to download an app that allowed him to remotely access his (Aman’s) phone number. After accessing Aman’s phone, the accused conveniently swindled Rs 4 lakh from his bank account. Amit Kumar Dubey, SHO, Gomtinagar said, “We are taking the help of cyber cell to trace the miscreant. “

A similar incident came to light from Mumbai in October this year where an IIT Mumbai student was duped of Rs 27,000 by a fake customer care executive. The victim was identified as Seecha Vajpayee. She had ordered a pizza to her student quarters in Powai from an online food delivery platform.

As she was unhappy with the quality of the pizza, Seecha decided to complain to the customer care of the online food delivery platform. She wrote a mail to the company but when they did not reply immediately, she started searching for their phone number on the internet.

She found the customer care’s number and made a call. Seecha’s call did not get through but within seconds, she received a call. The caller introduced himself as the customer care executive of the food delivery platform and promised her a refund. He sent a link to Seecha and asked her to fill up her UPI pin along with other personal details.

Seecha filled in her details and in a few moments, three transactions were carried out from her bank account. A total of Rs 27,000 was withdrawn from the student’s account. Seecha tried to call the number but it had been switched off.

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