security officer Suresh Awasthi

THE Parksite police station in Ghatkopar (East) has registered MECR (equal to FIR) against Suresh Awasthi, Navy’s chief security officer, currently posted at NCH colony, Kanjur Marg (West). Three more persons -Pravin Dixit, Virendra Dixit and Hemlata Dixit -have been also been named as accused in the matter.

On January 2, 2019 Parksite police registered MECR under sections 406, 409, 420 and 34 of IPC against Suresh Awasthi and others on instruction of 31th Court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Vikhroli. Anand Tiwari had approached the court against the accused.

38-years-old Anand Awadhesh Tiwari is resident of Ghatkopar (West) and is involved in Export -Import clearing business. In August 2015 Anand Tiwari co-incidentally met Pravin Dixit, a real estate agent, in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Pravin Dixit showed Tiwari two flats of two BHK each total worths Rs 1 crore 45 lakh at Belapur in Navi Mumbai.

Pravin Dixit also introduced his father Virendra Dixit and mother Hemlata Dixit to Anand Tiwari at his residence Gulmohar Building, C/6-7, Sector-5, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

Dixit told Tiwari that flat owner Sardar Singh is an NRI and lives in America. The registry will be done in January 2016 after Sardar Singh will come India. Dixit also told him that Rs 1 crore will be paid in advance in cash and remaining Rs 40 lakh will be paid after registration. Tiwari paid Rs 90 lakh in cash to Dixit in several instalments.

Since then Dixit started avoiding communications with Tiwari. Tiwari came to know that flat owner Sardar Singh had come India in December 2015 but Dixit not informed him. One lady neighbour of Dixit also told Tiwari that ‘Dixit family’ is a habitual cheater and have a shady and dodgy reputation in the neighbourhood. Tiwari started demanding his money back. On August 22, 2016 Dixit gave a cheque (Number -172390) of Axis bank amounting Rs 90 lakh to Tiwari but asked to deposit cheque after one month.

On September 25, 2016 Tiwari had gone at Dixit’s Belapur residence to demand his money back. His sister Priyanka Dixit and Suresh Awasthi were already present there. Awasthi introduced himself as Mumbai police officer currently posted with Anti-Narcotics Cell. Awasthi also told him that earlier he was posted in Khardanda police station in Navi Mumbai and Ghatkopar police station in Mumbai. Awasthi gave his mobile number 9969323075 to Tiwari and assured him that his money was safe with Dixit. Dixit was told to not worry about the money.

“Awasthi ne bataya ki vah Mumbai police ke narcotics branch me posted hai. Pahle vah Khardanda aur Ghatkopar police station mein posted tha. Awasthi ne kaha ki mere rupaye ki jimmedari ab uski hai. Dixit mera rupaya nahin dega to vah (Awasthi) dega,” said Tiwari.

Later on, all of them blocked the contact number of Tiwari and Dixit changed his residential address. He shifted to Pune. Left with no other option, Tiwari approached Vikhroli court to get FIR registered against accused as well as Suresh Awasthi. FIR Copy is available with ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation).

This is first FIR against Suresh Awasthi. There are several men in queue to file a complaint and register a FIR against Suresh Awasthi. How many of them are actually successful, given Awasthi’s contacts and influence remains to be seen. The Police have so far, blatantly supported and favoured Awasthi. Shekhar Tawade, A.C.P. Vikhroli is hell bent on protecting him. Same has been the case with the Naval Administration. They have been supporting Awasthi as well. In one of the cases, two officials from the Navy personally visited the Police Station twice when a complaint was filed against Awasthi and used all their pressure and influence to coax the police from filing a FIR and not taking any action against Awasthi. Therefore, whether these persons who wish to complain against Awasthi may or may not succeed depending on the level of influence he still exercises.

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