ACP Rajendra Trivedi

Ranjit Mahanti

SHRIKANT Balasaheb Mohite, Senior police inspector from Wadala traffic police station in Mumbai was caught on camera in 2015 while accepting a bribe from a person who was seeking PERMISSION to transport BEEF frequently. Ironically, Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Rajendra Trivedi himself has complained and submitted video evidence to higher authorities for four years and yet absolutely no kind of action has been taken against the accused inspector.

Video footage is available with ABI.

The incident occurred in year 2015. Shrikant Mohite was sitting in his cabin at Wadala traffic police station. Beef dealer is standing infront of Mohite. Dealer wanted to transport BANNED BEEF from his jurisdiction at a fixed bribe amount of Rs 16,000 per month. Beef dealer offered the bribe to Mohite. Mohite indicated to him to put money (Rs 5,000 as goodluck) under a book lying on his table. Beef dealer did the same. After taking money Mohite guides him to supply Beef from the concerned routes. Mohite also suggested to give bribe Rs 20 to 25 to constables standing on roads. Dealer told that he supplies four trucks in a month and he will pay Rs 16,000 (Rs 4,000 per truck) to him per month.

Rajendra Trivedi currently posted at LA-5 division in Mumbai police complained to top authorities submitting video evidence against Mohite. Joint commissioner (crime) Sanjay Saxena investigated the matter. Saxena found Mohite guilty. However, Mohite was let off mildly with only a departmental enquiry (DE). Now Trivedi has demanded re-enquiry into the matter and demanded that FIR be registered against Mohite.

Trivedi has filed a writ petition in Bombay High Court against own police department, basically stating that joint commissioner of police (Law & Order) Deven Bharti, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), SRPF Kiran Chavan and deputy commissioner of police (HQ-2) N. Ambika involved in several corrupt practises. Mohite’s matter is among them.

“This is true that I have filed petition in Bombay High Court against my own department. I cannot comment on issue as the matter is subjudice,” said Trivedi.

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