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Ranjit Mahanti

COMMANDER Vikram Singh, Regional Manager (RM), Indian Naval Canteen Services (INCS), Navy Nagar, Colaba has come under the scanner of the Naval Intelligence for allegedly ‘smuggling’ liquor from INCS (Gol) canteen.

According to some ex-servicemen, who were eye-witness, the incident occurred on February 27, 2015 at around 5 pm. It is reported that Naval Intelligence (PHQ) officials caught two persons loading 84 bottels of liquor in a Honda City car. During interrogation loaders (later identified as the peons of the canteen) revealed that they were loading the liquor on instructions of RM Vikram Singh. Vikram Singh was reportedly standing near the car.

The intelligence officials called the Naval Police. Naval Police officials including deputy Naval PRVOST Marshal (commander at arms) Sisodia reached on the spot. Sisodia did a panchanama on the spot and seized the liquor bottles but released the car. They also recorded statement of section incharge, peons and cashier of the canteen.

Sources also said that despite being caught red handed, Sisodia failed to take any action against Vikram Singh. Being an influential person Singh tried to hamper the process of investigation by approaching higher officials in the Navy. However, it is said that very shortly a bill of Rs. 36,000 was prepared through paper cards. The liquor bottles were reportedly being send to a relative of Vikram Singh. The liquors (scotch and whisky) cost was estimated in canteen at Rs.36,000 and in the open market pegged to be around Rs.1, 00,000.


> Navy Nagar is a cantonment area. The area is owned and managed solely by the Indian Navy and entry to this area is restricted. Entry and exit points to the area are heavily manned by Naval Police and only authorized personnel of the Armed Forces of India are allowed to enter upon producing a unique coded identity card.

> Any person who is not an official in the defence services is not allowed to shop or buy articles/goods from the Navy canteen. Being a RM Vikram Singh misused his power and allowed his relative to take away 84 bottles of liquor. Singh himself ordered the peons to load the bottles in car. There is strict rule that a Brigadier level official can buy 12 bottles liquor in a month only. The officials are not allowed to posses any excess articles purchased from the canteen other than the authorised ones.

> If an official is found in possession of excess material he/she is liable to a punishment in form of fine or imprisonment or cancellation of their purchase license.

Despite repeated attempts Vikram Singh and Sisodia were not available for comment. Vikram is taking lunch. Call later,” said a woman call receiver in Vikram’s office, but later not received our any call.

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