SAUDI Arabia has banned 98,440 illegal pilgrims from entering Mecca to perform pilgrimage. The pilgrims did not have Haj permits. Among them few were locals and few foreigners.

According to media reports, Saudi Arabia has barred 98,440 people from entering Mecca.  For the first time, Mecca (Haj) management has implemented the fingerprint system this year to stop illegal pilgrims from entering the holy city.

Last year, 4,000 people were denied entry. They tried to enter Mecca without Haj permits. They were deported and banned for 10 years.

Vehicles banned

25,216 vehicles have been also banned by authorities to enter into the holy site because they were not licensed to carry pilgrims.

Last year, police had seized 85 vehicles for violating other Haj-related regulations. Their Saudi drivers were imprisoned and had their cars confiscated.

1, 36,020 Indian pilgrims reached Mecca

Saudi Arabia is expected to receive some 1, 50,000 domestic pilgrims and more than 1.3 million from overseas this Hajj season.

1, 36,020 Indian pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia. 1,00,020 came through the Hajj Committee of India. On August 27, the first batch of Indians arrived when 235 pilgrims landed in Madinah. The final batch reached the country yesterday, with a total of 365 flights carrying the pilgrims.

Saudi Airlines carried 49,230 Indian pilgrims while Air India transported 50,790 others from 21 embarkation points. The remaining 36,000 pilgrims came through private tour operators.

BJP leaders also reached Mecca

Indian Consul General B S Mubarak told media person that two senior BJP leaders representing India at this year’s Haj also arrived.  They are former federal minister Arif Baig, who hails from Bhopal. Baig is heading the delegation. Second is Abdul Rasheed Ansari, the National President of party’s minority wing, of Delhi.

Ambassador of India Hamid Ali Rao received the Haj Goodwill Delegation headed by Baig.

The Haj will reach its zenith on Friday, October 3, when nearly 3 million pilgrims will stand on the plains of Arafat.

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Ayaz ur Rehman
Ayaz ur Rehman
8 years ago

How to take hajj permit whereas I already in makkah for job purpose.