THE Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Kurla has issued arrest warrant against-Anna Durai Balu Devendra-a well-known criminal in Antop Hill area, who allegedly submitted own fake death certificate to avoid attending court attendance. Despite receiving the arrest warrant police is not arresting Anna Durai Balu Devendra as he has close relations with Antop Hill police.

On September 1, 2014, the Metropolitan Magistrate, 61st Court, Kurla has issued (copy available with ABI) arrest warrant against Anna Durai Balu Devendra. Magistrate has ordered to produce accused (Anna Durai Balu Devendra) in court on October 15, 2014.

As per incident, on February 2, 2007, during Municipal election there was a fight between two candidates – Anna Durai Balu Devendra’s sister Laxmi Rajmani Devendra and Congress candidate Jasbirsingh Veera-at Karmaveer Dadasaheb Gaikwad Nagar, Municipal Hindi School, near Rawali Fire Brigade, Antop Hill. The gathering has pelted stone on police and also police had lathi-charged on them. Police inspector Manohar Rajaram Rane, sub-inspector Sarjerao Shankar Netke and police constable Santosh Sakharam Koyande were injured. Antop Hill police has registered FIR (copy available with ABI) under sections 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 353, 339 and 427 of IPC against Appu alias Rajkumar Raju Devendra, Sadanand Raghuveer Dayal Shrivastav, Mohammed Abbas Badruddin Shaikh, Sudhakar Yadav –Bhosale, Suresh Ramesh Gujar, Mahalingam Chintakadam Devendra, Pannalal Tribhuvan Yadav, Indrajeet Marwa alias Sunny, Reena Khurana, Anna Durai Balu Devendra and 25 others.

Apart from Anna Durai Balu Devendra police had arrested all accused and produced in court. The matter is still in pending court.

During hearing the matter lawyer of Anna Durai Balu Devendra’s produced a certificate in court claiming that his client (Anna Durai Balu Devendra) has expired on March 19, 2008. Surprisingly, police constable Santosh Sakharam Koyande who is complainant in the matter also verified that Anna Durai Balu Devendra has expired.

On April 29, 2014 S. Ganeshan complained (copy available with ABI) to several police officials about death certificate forgery case. But police did not taken any action on Anna Durai Balu Devendra. The matter came in knowledge of court. After verifying the truth court issued arrest warrant against Anna Durai Balu Devendra.

What happened?

Actually, another man Anna Durai Balram Devendra had expired due to illness. His father’s name was Balram and Devendra’s father’s name was Balu. Taking advantage of similarity of his name he produced certificate to the court. He took ‘B’ from Balram and Balu. There are four criminal cases are registered against ‘dead Devendra’ in Antop Hill police station.

The followers of Anna Durai Balu Devendra who are accused in the matter were shocked to hear that. One of them Chintakadam Devendra Mahalingam told ABI ( that how Anna Durai Balu Devendra forged the death certificate.

“He is alive. He is roaming in area. Frequently visiting police station per day. Police is aware that he had produced fake death certificate and also court has issued arrest warrant against him. He is very friendly with Antop Hill Police,” said Mahalingam Chintakadam Devendra.

Who is Anna Durai Balu Devendra?

Anna Durai Balu Devendra is a resident of Kokari Agar, Raoli Camp, Antop Hill, Mumbai. He is famous for his criminal activities in Antop Hill area. Right to Information (RTI) reply (copy available with ABI) revealed that eight offences have been registered againt him in Antop Hill police station. The residents claim he is very close to gangster D K Rao.

“I am not aware about incident. Now I will look into the matter. If Anna Durai Balu Devendra is accused we will take action on him,” said Dhananjay Kulkarni, Spokesperson Mumbai police.

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