Ranjit Mahanti

AN Air India pilot is developing a plot worth of Rs 500 crore, totally based on bogus documents. Not only this SRA, BMC and Mumbai police officers are on his pay role. A dismissed Mumbai police Inspector and a Shivsainik are partner into the project.

The pilot identified as Abu Saima Ansari. Resident of Madanpura Byculla (West) Ansari owned Construction Company named NAN enterprises. His wife Rubina Ansari and family friend Shahid Ansari looks company’s daily activities. Previous, Abu Ansari has developed seven BMC plots in jurisdictions of BMC’s E-ward. Abu Ansari has developed all projects on the basis of bogus documents and with help of BMC, SRA, Collector, MHADA, police and politicians.

“Hence Abu Ansari is pilot, he have close relation with politicians, police, BMC and bureaucrats,” said one of the tenants.

Currently Abu Ansari is developing BMC Plot (No-626) measuring 5,500 Sq meter worth of Rs 500 crore in Nariyalwadi, Byculla (East) under SRA scheme. At present 200 families are living on the plot. A right to information (RTI) reply (copy with ABI) revealed that Abu Ansari is developing project on basis of bogus documents. See:

1- Ansari has no NOC from BMC, MHADA and Collector.
2- Don’t have final annexure -2.
3- Developing land under SRA scheme on bogus proposal.
4- Submitted bogus list of tenants. There are 200 families on the plot but Ansari submitted 242 tenants name. 42 tenants’s name are bogus.
5- There is no such file (tenants’s consent) is available in BMC and SRA.
6- Shocking, Ansari has no proper documents but he succeeds to obtain LOI, IOA and CC certificate.

Sources said a dismissed police Inspector for having link with Dawood Ibrahim and a Shivsainik who is doctor by profession are partner into Ansari’s business. These GENTELEMEN are expert in managing BMC and Mumbai police mainly Byculla police station.

“Koi tenants agar complaint karne jata hai to Byculla police use bhaga deti hai aur Abu Ansari ki complaint turant le leti hai. (The police drive away any common complainant but Ansari is well entertained at the police station),” said Jamal Khan, social activist.

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4 years ago

भाई खल्ला का बिल्डिंग का ममला सच है तो सम्बंधित विभाग सहित सभी पर मकोका के तहत कारवाही की जाये और कमला ग्रुप की तरह सभी को सरकार और जनता से चित्तिंग करने राजस्व को नुकसानआसान पहुचने ,भरस्टाचार को बढ़ावा देने,व् रस्वत देकर अवैध निर्माण को करने करवाने क़ी IPC धाराओ के तहत कारवाही हों।जैसे भिंडिबजार की बिल्डिंग तोड़ी गायी थी।सम्बंधित Rti के पेपआर मुझे भी दे जिससे खबर पर खुलासा हो सके।मोब.9699572999,8652003699 पवन पाठक PRSs न्यूज़ संपादक