"AK 49" Arvind Kejriwal
“AK 49” Arvind Kejriwal

Ranjit Mahanti

Arvind Kejriwal was attacked by an AAP worker who hit him in the neck while he was campaigning in Haryana this evening.

Mr Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party volunteers then retaliated by thrashing the attacker. The incident took place in Charkhi Dadri.

Mr Kejriwal tweeted, “Someone hit me hard on my neck jst now. This kind of violent reaction is expected of them. It only shows their true character n desperation.”

The AAP chief later tweeted again to warn his supporters against resorting to violence. “If we ever become violent, the movement wud be finished. So, pl pl pl, in future, if anyone hits us including me, we shud be nice to him.”

When contacted Aswathi Murlidharan, media incharge AAP confirmed the incident and said “Kejriwal has himself tweeted about it.”

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