Arfi Lamba with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar

Naveen Uraon

ONE would have thought only Akshay Kumar held the crown for following a tough fitness routine, but not many know that this Khiladi Kumar has inspired a lot of youngster who wants to make it big in Bollywood. Added to the list is Fugly actor Arfi Lamba. he is so inspired by Akshay Kumar that he tries to emulate Akshay’s ways, of waking up early, exercising, healthy eating… and so on

“Akshay Kumar is like a guru. He made a mark in the industry without any godfather. Akshay sir is a superstar only because of his hardwork and talent. He not only inspires me but also inspires all the youngsters who wants to make a mark in the industry. He is just so fit and so full of energy. When he is on the sets the whole aura changes and i just love that about him. Its only because of his involvement that FUGLY is such a big film now. ” says, Arfi Lamba

“Akshay Sir have seen some parts of the film, and he called me to say that he liked my work, I was on the seventh sky”, says Arfi Lamba

Looks like the official Bollywood “Khiladi” is a true inspiration for Arfi.

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