Picture for representation only
Picture for representation only

Priti Pathak

CONCOCTING the story of Dena bank ATM machine attempted to robbery gets costly for security guard Rajkumar Chaudhary. The Malabar Hill police in South Mumbai have arrested Chaudhary and searching for his another accomplice.

According to police, on Friday morning Chaudhary told Malabar Hill police that three robbers thrashed him, tightened with rope and robbed Dena Bank ATM machine, near Priyadarshini Park, Nepean Sea Road branch. Chadhary told police that he was on night duty. Around 2am, three armed robbers banged in ATM machine cabin and started assaulting him. One robber damaged the CCTV camera. He forced to tell him the secret code to open the ATM machine. Chaudhary refused saying he don’t know. Robbers locked him inside the cabin and started damaging machine. Anyhow he managed to make a phone call to police which alarmed the robbers. They escaped.

Next morning his elder brother Gulshan Kumar Singh came to relieve him and found damaged ATM machine. That time Chaudhary cried for help from inside the room. Gulshan informed Malabar Hill police about the incident.

During verification of CCTV footage police suspected on Chaudhary. Police interrogated him and a little later he confessed the crime. The ATM machine had Rs 23 lakh cash. Police is also suspecting role of his brother.

21-year-old Chaudhary is a resident of Ambedkar nagar, Colaba.

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