Sharmila Mishra

VERY rarely does one come across a wonderfully crafted piece of cinema with the perfect balance of entertainment, acting histrionics and social message, relevant to today’s times.  The entertaining film in its opening weekend has bagged a staggering RS 18.02 Crores.

After opening with RS 4.07 Crores on Friday, Bhoothnath Returns saw a tremendous jump over the weekend with RS 5.85 Crores on Saturday and RS 8.10 crores on Sunday. Bhushan Kumar and Abhay Chopra’s Bhoothnath Returns starring the global icon and superstar Amitabh Bachchan with the young child actor Parth Bhalerao has opened to terrific critical acclaim and outpouring of upbeat audience reactions, growing as we speak.

As expected, Big B has proved yet again that nobody can match him when its comes to movies, but the budding actor and youngster Parth Bhalerao has astonished everyone with his phenomenal screen presence and dialogue delivery, holding his own ground with the megastar.

Right from director Nitesh Tiwari’s expert direction and portraying a social message in an entertaining manner to the cast’s acting chops, backed with interesting music, Bhoothnath Returns is a bright smidgeon of hope not only for cinema but for the country too in today’s political times.

Produced by T-Series and BR Films Bhoothnath Returns is an entertaining tale of good against evil, weak against powerful, past against future directed by Nitesh Tiwari and it sees the return of Big B aka Bhoothnath who with the powerfully talented child actor Parth aka Akhrot strive to see a change in the country.

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