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THE Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has appointed two bogus woman doctors in a COVID war room at Ghatkopar (East). The bogus doctors are getting Rs 80,000 each as monthly salary. Ved Tiwari, a lawyer by profession has complained to several authorities but BMC and police officials are not showing any interest or inclination to take action against these errant officials and doctors.

The bogus doctors, are identified as Riddhi Patel and Vaishali Shah. They are working in COVID war room of N-Ward, Gharkopar, (East) as Assistant Medical Officers and culprits who hired them are Mahendra Khandade, Sanjay Sonawane and Ajit Kumar Ambi. Mahendra Khandade is medical officer of health, Sanjay Sonawane is current Assistant Commissioner N-Ward and Ajit Tambi was at that time assistant commissioner N-ward in BMC.

Ved Tiwari-who also has experience in medical field-obtained documents through Right To Information (RTI) act. Riddhi Patel and Vaishali Shah are not registered with any Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC). Ajit Ambi appointed Riddhi Patel on July 1, 2020, Sanjay Sonawane and Mahendra Khandade appointed Vaishali Shah on September 27, 2021.

“The appointment of Riddhi Patel and Vaishali Shah are in contravention of sections 33(1), 33 (A) (1) (B) and 33 (A) (2) (A) of Maharashtra Medical Practitioners Act 1961,” said Ved Tiwari.

On July 22, 2022 Ved Tiwari complained to Commissioner of BMC Iqbal Singh Chahal demanding immediate suspension and departmental enquiry against Mahendra Khandade, Sanjay Sonawane and Ajit Ambi.

ABI is possession of all documents related to this news article.

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Sohan Agate
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