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Sumeet Mishra

A BOLLYWOOD ‘broker’ is learnt to have offered an aspiring actress help with her career in exchange for sex, telling her that the practice is common. The broker, who claimed to be a producer, director, actor and casting director, promised that he would arrange a performance letter from Yash Raj Films but in exchange she would have to compromise and have sex with him.

The broker, an estate agent identified as Abhinash Raut alias JD, provides flats on rent and takes brokerage for it. His Facebook status states that he is an employee of Fox Star Studios. But a person from Fox Star dismissed his claim. Raut also claimed that he is the owner of ABCD Entertainment Production House and is producer of the movie Happy Days.

In January this year aspiring actress Nafisa Ahmed (name changed to protect identity), a resident of Manakpur in Nagpur, befriended one Deepti Sahu on the social networking site Facebook. Deepti introduced herself as a Bollywood singer. She also told Ahmed that ‘JD Sir’ is her godfather. “Aaj main jo kuchh bhi hoon JD Sir ki vajah se hoon,” Deepti said to Nafisa.

She also said that Raut is producing a film named ‘Happy Days’ and if she wanted to make a career in Bollywood she must contact Raut.

Abhinash Raut

Nafisa contacted Raut, who said that he owned ABCD Production House and was producing the film Happy Days. He said the there was no chance for her in Happy Days as the film was completed. Raut asked her not to worry as he could arrange a role for her in his next film or in a movie by another leading production house. Raut also informed her that if she wanted to be an actress then it would be necessary to compromise. Nafisa refused his proposal strictly. Then Raut said, “Tab to tumhe chhota-mota hi role milega. Agar badi heroine banana hai to compromise karo ya paisa invest karo.”

After a lot of talking Nafisa got ready for a small role. She came to Mumbai with starry dreams and Raut met her at City Mall, Andheri. Raut again suggested she go for the lead role as she deserved it because of her beauty and good figure. The only thing was that she would get it in exchange for sex. Nafisa again refused to compromise, stating she was ready for a small role only. Shockingly, to convince her Raut explained that top Bollywood actresses reportedly compromised to boost their career. He claimed and talked in detail about Rani Mukherjee compromising with Yash Chopra, Aishwarya Rai compromising with Subhash Ghai, Priti Zinta compromising with Yash Johar, Payal Rohtagi compromising with Dibakar Banarjee, Sunny Leone compromising with Vikram Bhatt and Preeti Jain compromising with Madhur Bhandarkar, besides many more.

Umama Raut also promised that he will arrange a performance letter of Yash Raj films. He told her that there are lots of controversies and scams in YRF. On behalf of YRF he settles all disputes with Mumbai police. “Police ko to main jaib mein rakhta hoon,” Raut said to Nafisa. Based on YRF letter she could easily get a role in any leading production house.

Nafisa refused to compromise at any cost. Raut arranged for her to stay as a paying guest in his flat at Borivali. He took Rs 15,000 deposit for room, Rs 7,000 Rent, Rs 7,000 brokerage, actor registration fee Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,000 for artist card. While returning in auto-rickshaw Raut hugged and kissed her. When Nafisa opposed it he said that it is common in Bollywood. “Come on baby, itna to karna hi padta hai.”
Nafisa stayed nearly one month at Borivali but Raut failed to give her a role. He always gave new excuses.

“Jab bhi main Raut ko phone karti woh kahta ki bahut busy hai. Lekin tension mat lena. Tension lene se face par bahut fark padta hai. Iss se Bollywood me kaam nahin milta,” said Nafisa. At last, Nafisa understood that JD is a cheater and nothing but a broker-cum-estate agent. She demanded her deposit money but JD did not return it. She approached the Borivali police and complained against Raut to get justice.

Last week, Nafisa returned to Nagpur with broken dreams of being an actress.

When contacted, Raut said, “I will return deposit money soon to Nafisa.”

‘Gauri Bhabhi forced me to stay at Mannat’

Raut is such a big liar that he once told an unbelievable story to Nafisa just to impress her. He told her that once his friend wanted to meet Shah Rukh Khan. He took him to Film City where Shah Rukh Khan suggested he should come to Mannat. “Wahan araam se baat karenge.” After the meeting they were leaving, when Gauri Khan (wife of Shah Rukh Khan) requested them to stay at Mannat and go in morning after breakfast. “Hum log jane hi wale they ki Gauri bhabhi ne rok liya. Kaha ki itni raat ko kaha jaoge. Yahin ruk jao aur subah nasta karke jana. Main to rukne wala nahin tha lekin mere friend ne kaha ki ruk jao. Achcha mauka hai to main ruk gaya. Subah nasta karke hum log aaye,” Raut told Nafisa.

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