Bombay High Court
Bombay High Court

In the second round of appointment of judges in the Bombay High Court, toady six new judges took oath; out of which one was the first woman judge of the year, Anuja Prabhudesai; with an increase in the number of women judges to seven in the HC.

Apart from Anuja Prabhudesai who was a lower court judge in Goa, Anil Menon, Ananta Badar, Chandrakanth Bhadang, Pukhraj Bora and Vishwas Jadhav swore to serve the country as judges to the HC.

Anil Menon is an exception in this round of appointment as he has been practicing in the Bombay High Court as a Lawyer. Among the others Pukhraj Bora was a registrar in the honorary Supreme Court between 2010 and 2012, Ananta Badar was the principle District judge in Pune, Vishwas Jadhav was a district judge and Chanadrakanth Bhadang was the registrar general in the Bombay High Court.

The current strength of the HC stands for 66, whereas the sanctioned strength is 75.


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