Bipin Jaiswar and Ramkaran Jaiswar
Bipin Jaiswar (left) and Ramkaran Jaiswar (right)

Priti Pathak

55-year-old Ramkaran Jaiswar, a resident of Kalwa in Thane is searching to his 17-year-old son Bipin Jaiswar since November 2013. Bipin has fallen in the Thane creek but police failed to confirm whether he is alive or dead.

According to Jaiwar on November 16, 2013, Bipin had had gone with his two friends at Mulund for a caterers service. In the night Jaiswar was returning from workplace railway police officials informed him that Bipin fell down in the creek from the local train between Kalwa and Thane while going to Mulund. Jaiswar, police and fire brigade searches Bipin’s body in the creek but did not find anything.

Jaiswar personally searched the entire stretch of the creek till Vashi in boat with the help of the local divers and the fishermen for eight days, but did not find his son’s body or clothes.

However, Jaiswar suspects on Bipin’s friend’s role in to the matter. According to Jaiswar on that day Bipin was not willing to go with them. But their friends forced him. They themselves packed his clothes and took him away with them.

However, railway police have given clean chit to his friends in the case.

Jaiswar claims that his son was carrying a mobile phone which was switched off since the incident. Almost one month later when a relative made 7 to 8 times calls on the number the phone was ringing but later it got switched off.

Jaiswar, a tailor by profession has three children Vikas, 12, Nandini, 13 and Bipin alias Raja, 17.  Bipin was studying in first year Arts in a Mulund college.

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