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A RESIDENT of Dombivali (east) in Thane district of Maharashtra, Rajesh S Sinha, has complained to several authorities and demanded action against a petrol pump owner for cheating him by filling less fuel and on attendants for abusing and trying to assault him.

Rajesh Sinha is a former journalist who is currently involved in the embroidery business in Dombivali (East). Last week, Sinha complained (copy with ABI) at the Manpada police station and also the Legal Metrology Department seeking action against the petrol pump owner and its attendants.

Rajesh Sinha

According to Sinha, on November 10, 2016, he went on Techno Petrol Pump, Dombivali (East) to fill diesel in his Mahindra tempo. He asked the attendant to fill diesel worth Rs 300. While filling diesel, he saw the attendant repeatedly pushing up and down the nozzle.

“As I had heard that it was a cheating trick, I objected and told him not to do so,” said Sinha.

The attendant got angry with Sinha, saying, “Abe chu…ye. Mujhe chu…ya samajha hai kya ? Hame ga..d marni rahti hai to maar lete hain, kisi ko pata nahin chalta. Roz customers ki ga..d marte hain, koi kuchh nahin karta. M……a ke chala jata hai. Tujhe itna dard kyon ho raha hai. Chal foot yahaan se, nahin to teri ga..d me hi baki ka diesel bhar doonga.”

Then, all attendants gathered around Sinha. They tried to attack him. They said, “Hamara koi kuchh nahin kar sakta. Upar se neeche tak saare government officers, Yahya tak ki Manpada ke policewale bhi, fokat me fuel bharwa ke jaate hain. Ja tere ko jahaan jana hai. Tujhe mere malik ki pahunch ka pata nahin hai.”

Sinha was too scared to do anything at the time. He tried to leave the petrol pump premises. He gave the attendants a Rs 2,000 note but they refused to accept it, saying they had no change. They ordered him to park his vehicle to one side. Sinha demanded the complaint book but they refused to give it saying there was no complaint book available at pump. After half an hour they gave Sinha change.

On the same day Sinha complained online to the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). On the second day the IOC officials informed him that the pump had removed the accused attendant and so the matter should be closed from Sinha’s side.

“Techno Petrol Pump is a house of cheats. It doesn’t fill full amount of petrol and uses many tricks to do so. Petrol pump attendants fill less petrol or diesel than is charged for by manipulating the petrol nozzle and if any customer opposes them all handlers abuse and threaten him. I want suitable action,” said Sinha.

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5 years ago

कार्रवाई होनी चाहिए ,

5 years ago

Normally in petrol pumps, one person fills petrol & at the same time other person comes in to collect money. They try to do so to divert the minds of the customer, so that they get time to manipulate.

Strict actions should be taken against “Techno Petrol Pump”

Madansingh Shekhaawat
Madansingh Shekhaawat
5 years ago
Reply to  DG

it is more interesting now to see, what action police are taking against the petrol pump owner.