Priti Pathak

A constable in Uttar Pradesh (UP) police allegedly forced a dancer to perform at gunpoint for an hour. However, Superintendent of Police (SP), Ramesh Chandra Sahu suspended constable and an inquiry has been ordered against him.

The constable identified as Shailendra Shukla. The incident took place on Monday night in Nigohi near Lucknow at Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

According to media reports, there was a private event and Shukla was deputed for a security purpose on the event but instead of watching, Shukla suddenly getting on the stage. He started throwing currency notes at the dancer who was performing on stage. Shukla showered the dancer with Rs 30,000.

Shukla was full drunk. When the dancer slowed down, he threatened her with a gun and indicated her to keep dancing. There was panic among the crowd when the constable pulled out his gun and loaded it with bullets.

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