Nisar Tamboli


LOVE across the barricades: A high-ranking Mumbai police officer may face criminal charges if the allegations against him are proved. A lady has accused him of love, torture, harassment and abusing her both mentally and physically and has now alleged the officer of threatening her.

The officer in question is Nisar Tamboli, an IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre. 44-year-old Tamboli faces possible action over blasting out Love song.

The 27-year-old lady told ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) that she and Tamboli met nearly three years ago at police headquarters, Mumbai. Then Tamboli was Mumbai police Spokesperson and was also holding charge of deputy commissioner of police (DCP) crime branch.

Tamboli who is currently posted as DCP in Zone -2 of South Mumbai is trying desperately from holding the lady back from approaching the higher authorities. He has also got few officers to intervene and sort out the matter.

The complainant met the DCP when she was pursuing a degree in law in the first year from a college in Bandra. She had approached the officer for help as she was being stalked by a person. Though no official complaint was registered Tamboli went out of the way to help the lady and detained the accused and later let him go. The complainant claims that the DCP was attracted towards her from the very first meeting and later both started dating too.

Few months back when the lady came to know that the DCP was cheating on her and confronted him. She demanded marriage to which he refused. Angered over being betrayed the lady threatened to go to the police and lodge an official complaint.

Scared of getting exposed Tamboli started threatening her with defamation. He threatened to defame her and even started seeking help from his seniors and colleagues.

The lady has even mailed (copy available with ABI) her complaints to few officers who are keeping mum about it. A person close to the victim told ABI “, At present she is very disturbed and scared as her life is at risk. Tamboli has misused his power and has taken advantage of situation. He now is bad mouthing her everywhere and saying that he did not commit anything to her. If there was no commitment from him then with what intention did he come close to her?”

She further says,” at present I am totally broken.  But I will soon make an official complaint against him to the Rakesh Maria, Commissioner of Police.”

After repeated attempts Tamboli was not available for comment. His mobile phone was continuing not reachable. All times his staff told that ‘Saheb’ is on leave.

“We have not received any written complaints against Nisar Tamboli” said Mahesh Patil, spokesperson, Mumbai police.

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