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Priti Pathak

A youth from Dombivali in Thane district has been arrested by Cyber Police in Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) for allegedly cheating more than 22 girls on social networking site Facebook-well-known as FB-on pretext of marrying her.

According to Press Note issued by Cyber Police Station, BKC, 27-year-old accused identified as Kiran Bagwe. A 12th standard drop out Bagwe is resident of Dombivali in Thane district. He was arrested from Nagpur on Wednesday. He has been remanded in police custody up to October 12.

Police have arrested him under several sections of IPC like (cheating, forgery, impersonation, stalking and misusing computer system) and Information Technology (I-T) Act. Police told media that his modusoperandy was very unique. Introducing himself as I-T engineer Bagwe had posted his classmate’s picture on FB account as he was handsome. His friend is a manager in a Mumbai based Courier Company.

He had sent 1207 friend’s (all were girls) request on Facebook and had received 1236 requests.

The accused poses himself as well educated, belongs from very rich family. He tells that he is looking for a smart and highly qualified girl for marriage.

After befriended he sends marriage proposal. He also gives affidavit to girls that he would marry with her. The girl believes on him. Later he tells that he had met in an accident and needed money. He also tells that he has deposited lots of money in his bank account. He was guarantor for a friend’s bank loan; the bank has frozen his bank account. He makes promise that after being discharged from hospital he will return her money.

He asks that his assistant will meet her. He meets himself and collects money. Later he starts avoid to talking girls or un-friend her.

To gain girl’s trust he uses special software (that changes voices) in mobile phone and talks with her posing as his parents.

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