Saurabh Ojha  

THE Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Maharashtra has arrested four government officials in three different traps set at Mumbai, Nasik, Yavatmal and Latur.

Child Welfare Officer arrested in Mumbai

The complainant’s wife is the Chairman of Matoshree Women’s Audyogik Sahakari Sanstha and Kulswamini Women’s Saving Group. These organizations are providing mid-day meals at Anganwadi, Andheri within the period of 2013-2014. The complainant is also a government employee, who supervises over the work done by such organisations.

Manish Vishnu Biraris, a child welfare officer asked the organisations to continue with the meals and to give him 20% cut from the money they get from government and also Rs. 42,000 in in a year and if they refused to pay him their contract will be abolished. The complainant having no other option had to give Manish an amount of Rs. 27,000.

On June 13, 2014 the complainant visited Biraris for taking money for the organisational work on which Biraris demanded Rs. 22,000. Biraris allegedly threatened that if he refused to pay the bribe amount he will cancel their contract by sending a negative report to Zilla-adhikari office.

Having no intentions to submit to the increasing demands of Biraris, the complainant informed ACB about the matter.  On June 16, 2014 the complainant met Biraris at his office and confirmed the report of demanding bribe, hence the ACB registered a complaint against him.

On June 23, 2014 the ACB laid a trap and arrested Birarisd while accepting the bribe amount of Rs. 22,000 at Mahanagarpalika building, Bhatwadi, Andheri.

Tehsil office employee arrested

The complainant is a resident of Lakhgaon, Nashik. He purchased a land in the name of his wife and cousin. For further paper work he filed an application in the Tehsildar office. For completing the further process on the basis of the application, Namdev Baburao More allegedly demanded Rs. 30,000 to hand over the permission order letter. After negotiation More settled for accepting Rs. 25,000.

Unwilling to pay the bribe, the complainant approached ACB and registered the FIR against More. On June 24, 2014 at around 1:30 pm, the ACB officials arrested More while accepting the bribe amount of Rs. 25,000

Police Naik arrested at Yavatmal

Anish Patel, the Police Naik, attached to the Umarkhed Police station, Yavatmal, was arrested by ACB for demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs. 6,000. The complainant alleged that Patel wrote a complaint against him at his police station and demanded a bribe of Rs. 6,000 for speeding up the process of filling a chagesheet, presenting his seized mobile phone in the court and getting a bail from the court.

The complainant had no wish to pay the bribe, so he approached ACB officials. After verification ACB laid a trap and arrested Patel while accepting the bribe.

Milk Welfare Officer arrested

The complainant was earlier booked under some charges. Shankar Savarkar was the investigation officer. Savarkar told to the complainant that he will take no action against him, he would get back his present position but in return he should pay a bribe of Rs. 1, 00,000. After negotiation Savarkar reduced the bribe amount to Rs. 10,000.

The complainant approached ACB officials in regards to the matter. ACB officials laid a trap on June 21, 2014 and arrested Sushil Balsure, a milk chemical expert who was sent by Savarkar to collect the bribe amount from Hotel Sai located next to the Tehsildar office at Latur.

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