Ranjit Mahanti

VOTING for Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly elections ended on Wednesday. Haryana has set a new voting record in assembly elections, with a 73.7 percent. Also the polling ended peacefully in Maharashtra with a little over 55 percent.

According to chief electoral officer Shrikant Walgad this is the highest-ever voting record in Haryana assembly polls. In 1967 there was maximum polling 72.65 percent voting. In the 2009 assembly polls, Haryana had recorded nearly 72.29 percent voting.

There were a total of 1,351 candidates in Haryana.

64 percent voting in Maharashtra

With a little over 64 percent voting on Wednesday polling ended peacefully in Maharashtra. There are 8.35 crore voters in Maharashtra exercising their franchise for the 288 assembly seats.

In Mumbai, around 50 percent of the electorate cast their votes till 6 p.m. The fate of 4,119 candidates have been sealed in EVMs and now the focus shall be October 19 when the counting will take place.

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