Sharad Pawar

Priti Pathak

THERE is a news but bad for Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharadchandra Pawar. The Bombay High Court on Wednesday allowed a PIL to be converted into a writ petition soon.

A Pune based social worker Hemant Patil have filed a PIL into the matter seeking action against Pawar.

The former Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is an accused for wooing voters to take advantage of recently phased schedule in Lok Sabha election. Pawar allegedly suggested voters to vote first in Satara on April 17 and then in Mumbai on April 24 by removing the indelible ink.

The Chief Justice Mohit Shah who is hearing on petition asked Hemant Patil to convert the PIL into a writ petition within two weeks. Patil also have filed police complaint alleging that he had received threat from two unknown persons outside the court on Wednesday asking him why he had taken up such issues.

The issue

Pawar, a very strong personality in Indian politics on March 23, 2014 was addressing to ‘Mathadi’ workers in Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) Market in Navi Mumbai. In presence of his party leadership including Ajit Pawar. Pawar allegedly told workers to vote for the clock (NCP symbol) there (in Satara on April 17) and come back to vote for the clock here (on April 24) as well. He warned voters to take necessary precautions. To wipe off the ‘ink’ marks before voting again. .

Someone recorded statement of Pawar and loaded video clip on social media-YouTube. The statement has been widely reported in the media. However, clarifying his side on Sunday Pawar had said that his expressions on ink of voting erasement was purely a humour and was not at all suggestive of any act in breach of electoral laws and rule.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Maharashtra unit has filed complaint with the Election Commission (EC) demanding de-recognition of Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). The EC has found that Pawar has prima facie violated the Model Code of Conduct.

“Such comments are, in effect, an advise to violate the Indian election laws that allow only one vote for one person,” said Hemant Patil.

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