Naveen Uraon

Film Fare award winning sound designer Madhu Apsara recently took some time off his work to conduct a master class on sound designing at Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute that was attended by more than 25 students including in house students and other budding technicians. He has worked on numerous commercially successful films such as the Dhoom series, Badlapur, Company, Bhootnath, Agent Vinod, Stanley ka Dabba, Ab tak Chappan, and these are only a few names in his huge filmography. When asked about the master class, Madhu Apsara said, “This is the first time I visited an institution for conducting such a class and I enjoyed every bit of it. I really like Ronkel for their dedication and hard work to provide top quality education to their students. It is admirable. Honesty is a rare quality to find in institutions these days.”

Midway in the master class, the students saw a surprise visitor in award winning editor-director Javed Sayyed. Seeing two stalwarts of the industry together in one place galvanised them and made the rest of the master class very enjoyable for everyone involved. The entire master class was appreciated and praised by many sound designing students such as Rahul, Riyaz, Vandana, Mamta and also by students doing different courses other than sound designing.

Located in Andheri West, the hub of film production houses, Ronkel Institute has been vigorously working towards creating the best possible curriculum for its students. The style of education provided there is what intrigues everyone, no wonder so many students have applied for various courses this year. The faculty of the institute put the students through a challenging routine by creating a real industry environment. This enables the students to learn quickly and efficiently. Also, the tasks given by the faculty is nearly equal to the kind of tasks given in the industry, so this helps the students to be on their toes all the time which hones their skills. A sound designing student Nikhil Kedambadi, who was present in the master class, said this about his programme, “The work ethic of the faculty is really amazing here. I am getting to learn so many things here that I hadn’t even heard of. The vibe of the institute is very positive, and that is an important aspect for any place to have. I come here every day because I enjoy my time so much here. I even come here during holidays!”

The training regimen of Ronkel Institute is challenging but enjoyable too, as is evident by Nikhil’s words. They not only provide courses for sound designing, but also in other subjects such as Acting, Film direction, Editing, Cinematography and Scriptwriting. So any person interested in a career in film making, Ronkel Institute is the right place to go. It is the valuable knowledge they provide that really helps the students in long run. The film industry hires only those people who have a knack of learning new things and a burning desire to work. With the knowledge Ronkel’s students get from their courses, it puts them a step ahead from students passing out from other institutes. And when big names of the industry like Madhu Apsara and Javed Sayyed become a common sight in the institute conducting master classes and workshops, you can only imagine how good the learning process must be.

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