Advocate Naveen Chomal (Left)

By Advocate Naveen Chomal

IN another blow to ‘Love Jihad’, on Thursday Bombay High Court division bench of Justices Shri S S Shinde and Shri P K Chavan rejected Criminal Writ Petition of – Riyaz Anwar Sheikh for Habeas Corpus – seeking production of a Hindu girl – claiming to have married her and that subsequently she was kidnapped by her maternal relations.

During earlier hearing false fears were also expressed on behalf of Riyaz that she may have killed by her maternal relations – (Honour Killing).

I appeared for father of girl and informed that the girl is fine and had in the meantime also appeared before police from Virar Police Station where Riyaz made false complaint and given her statement against Riyaz.

Honorable court had upon my assurances about well-being of the girl, asked me to produce the girl and time was given. Accordingly on Thursday I appeared alongwith the Hindu girl and her father before the honorable court.

Story of the Hindu girl is that she was systematically trapped by Riyaz claiming to be loving her. He misled her to be an educated person and working for an Airlines. Initially she trusted him and started liking him. Riyaz systemically trapped her and even all her original documents of Education and Adhar Card etc. were taken by him.

Then he tricked her to sign documents for their safety, saying that he will marry only when she makes up her mind.

However, afterwards he and his friends scared her that as per the strict principles of their religion she is converted to Islam and also married. So now they cannot leave her and can go to any extent of violence even against her parents. Being afraid to face parents and fearing that they will disown her for her acts she accompanied to Riyaz’s house and was required to stay with him.

However soon truth surfaced to her that he is neither educated nor working and he took away her cash in hand as well as Rs 35,000 from her bank account alongwith Jewelries. Riyaz even started dominating over her and instilling fears with help of his Muslim friends virtually keeping her in captivity. Thus she understood that Riyaz doesn’t love her and even she has become victim of Love Jihad.

She somehow contacted her maternal relations and to her delight she found them to be willing to accept her and protect her. Accordingly about two months back she gave slip to Riyaz and joined her parents, who kept her in a safe place away from the reach of Riyaz and his goons.

On Thursday, Mujahid Mulla, Advocate for Riyaz wanted court to detain the girl in some women’s remand home for two days and then ask her opinion, which was strongly opposed by me. Therefore honorable judges decided to personally interview said Hindu girl in their Chamber in presence of Ld. APP Smt. Sonawane.

Subsequently matter was kept for hearing again in open court after lunch break. That time it transpired that upon repeated asking by the honorable Judges, the Hindu girl specifically told them that she is gone to her parents out of her free will and does not wish to go with Riyaz.

Accordingly Honorable Court passed the order rejecting the Writ Petition of Riyaz Sheikh which was based on false allegations.

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