Pradhan Patil (Left) and Vijay Patil (Right)

SHIV SENA corporator Pradhan Dharma Patil has complained to the Commissioner of Police, Thane, alleging that an Independent corporator, Vijay alias Vijju Patil, has planned to kill him. Remember, Vijju Patil is the same person whose son Yuvraj Patil kidnapped, tortured and forced a youth to drink urine over a girl’s MMS matter.

On January 9, 2017 Pradhan Patil complained in writing (copy with ABI) and demanded detailed investigation, action and police protection. Pradhan Patil is a resident of Durga Devi Pada, Ulhasnagar-5, district Thane, Maharashtra. He is a three-term corporator from Shiv Sena since 2007. Vijju Patil is independent corporator but supports Shivsena party in corporation.

According to complaint on December 10, 2016, around 6.10am Pradhan Patil received a phone call (mobile 808032221) on which the caller informed him that Prakash Bhandari, Manoj Thakur and Shakil Khan had given a supari to kill him. Pradhan Patil knew these three persons, that is, Prakash Bhandari, Manoj Thakur and Shakil Khan, very well. Pradhan Patil asked the three about the phone call. On December 13, 2016 Manoj Thakur complained at the Hill Line police station in Ulhasnagar demanding an inquiry over misuse of name to threaten Pradhan Patil. The matter is under investigation.

On December 23, 2016, a person, Shankar Chauhan alias Sonu, met Pradhan Patil and said that Vijju Patil had given supari to kill him (Pradhan Patil) to someone called Salman, a resident of Tadwadi, Ambernath. Sonu also said that Salman’s two shooters (resident of Mumbra and Bhiwandi) were about and were surrounding Pradhan Patil to kill him. Shooters had also located Pradhan Patil at Prabhat garden where he regularly went for a morning walk and some badminton. While in Ulhasnagar the shooters met Sonu. During the course of chatting the shooters told him that their gang leader Salman Bhai had ordered the killing of Shiv Sena corporator Pradhan Patil. They also said that Vijju Patil had given supari to Salman for killing Pradhan Patil.

Once the shooters, Sonu and Salman, had been together in jail. Salman is a hardcore criminal. A few months back Vijju Patil allegedly to get released him from jail. There is not only political but also family dispute between Pradhan Patil and Vijju Patil. “There are many possibilities that Vijju Patil has given supari to kill me,” said Pradhan Patil.

Pradhan Patil has demanded investigation of the matter and taken necessary action against the culprit. He also demanded police protection till corporation elections and investigations got over.

On December 24, 2016, ABI ( reported under headline “Ulhasnagar Corporator’s son kidnaps, beats and forces the youth to drink URINE over GIRL’s MMS issue”. As per news, corporator Vijju Patil’s son Yuvraj Patil kidnapped, tortured and forced a youth, Shehzade Ansari, to drink urine after Ansari disclosed to a girl that Yuvraj Patil makes MMS in car of girls. After ABI report, Hill Line police registered an FIR and arrested Yuvraj Patil’s associate Wilson. Yuvraj Patil is still absconding.

Despite repeated attempts Vijju Patil was not available for comments as his mobile phone was continuing switched off.

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