The Mumbai Police Commissioner Maria has received a letter which claiming to stage an attack in the city in coming days to avenge attacks by Israel in Gaza, a high level alert has been issued across the city to preempt such possibility.

The one-page letter addressed to Maria was received by Mumbai Police Control Room on July 25 through post.


“We will take revenge for Gaza. In 1993, you (Maria) got a chance. Big blast Bomb, Stop us if you can. Once again you get a chance like 1993. This time you will not get anybody. Insha’Allah’.”

The letter signed as “Suicide Mujahiddeen”.


The letter (copy available with ABI) is written both in English and Hindi and has warned of an impending terror attack.

“However, we are not taking the threat lightly. The Crime Branch and all the police stations have been alerted. We are verifying the authenticity of the letter,” Maria told media persons.

Even though the cops continue to be on high alert for festivities, there was a low intensity explosion on a bicycle placed outside Pharaskhana Police Station close to the famous Dagdusheth Halwai Temple in Pune few days earlier.


The perpetrators of this crime remain untraced till date. The letter is another reason for the police to continue to remain on guard.

In recent times Mumbai Police, NIA and IB have been successful in nabbing various operatives of Indian Mujahiddeen including mastermind Yasin Bhatkal which has led to the group terror operations being badly affected, but they are desperately looking to regroup to carry out a terror strike.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza between Hamas and Israel army has led to heavy loss of civilian lives on the Palestinian side leading to outpouring of grief worldwide this feeling of grief and anger is fuelling the thought for revenge.

Mumbai Police Spokesperson Mahesh Patil  was unavailable for comment on this issue .

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