Anti - Corruption Bureau

Priti Pathak

THE Anti – Corruption Bureau (ACB), Nagpur, arrested the Land Survey Officer, S F Mahadule, of the Ramtek Land Records office, for accepting a bribe of Rs. 8,000 from the complainant.

The complainant owns an agricultural land at Ramtek, Nagpur, and had filed an application at the deputy superintendent of Land Records Office, and paid the official fees of Rs. 6,000. The land surveyor S F Mahadule, of the Ramtek, Land Records office visited his land and measured it in November 2013.¬† In the reports filed by the officer, the land area was recorded less, so he filed another application for a re-measuring, on February 4, 2014. On the basis of the application Mahadule visited the land on July 25, 2014 and measured the land of the adjacent farmer but did not visit the complainant’s farm. On inquiry the officer said that it was just a routine check and the reports will be given by the office.

Mahadule demanded a bribe of Rs. 10,000 from the complainant for measuring his land again. The complainant gave the initial amount of Rs. 2,000 at his residence at Dharampeth, Nagpur and the remaining amount of Rs. 8,000 was to be given on July 31, 2014 at the Land Records Office, Ramtek.

The complainant approached ACB, Nagpur and filed a complaint against Mahadule. The ACB set a trap and arrested Mahadule, accepting the bribe amount of Rs. 8,000 from his office.

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