Priti Pathak

THAI police has arrested Nepal’s former crown prince Paras Gyanendra Shah with 12 gm of marijuana, media reports.

A very controversial history at home and abroad Shah, 43, was arrested on July 10 from Hotel Debit with the contraband marijuana. He was produced before a local court but declined to divulge details where he was kept.

Shah staying in Bangkok with his Thai girlfriend. His three children and wife Himani are living in Kathmandu. Himani comes from a princely family in India.

Earlier controversies

Known for his flamboyant lifestyle Shah was earlier arrested in November 2012, by Thai police for possessing marijuana in Phuket. Later, he was released on bail.


Immediately after he was released in November 2012, Thai police again arrested him for smashing property at a luxury hotel in Bangkok. He was released only after paying 120,000 baht ($3,730) to the building owner for the damage he had done.

Chain smoker

Shah is a chain smoker and is known for reckless drinking in the party circles of Kathmandu.  In February 2013, he suffered a massive heart attack and underwent treatment at the Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok.

Fired bullet on relative

In 2010, he was arrested for firing at one of the relatives of former deputy prime minister Sujata Koirala in a local tourist area, Chitwan. He later secured release from jail citing a heart-related ailment.

Killed singer

In 2000, he was reported to have hit and killed a popular Nepalese singer with his car while under the influence of alcohol but he was never charged.


He is one of the survivors when the entire family of the then King Birendra was killed in 2001 at Narayanhity royal palace in Kathmandu.

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