New Raigad Credit Society


PRAMOD Goye, the manager of New Raigad Co-operative Credit Society Limited, Kalwa in Thane has allegedly gone missing. The society’s transactions also have been stopped for the past two months.

33-year-old Laxmi Mahadev Kshirsagar lives opposite to the society at, Kalwa (west) in Thane. Two months back she had gone to withdraw a small amount of money. The society staff told her that the manager, Pramod Goye is missing and for that the transactions have been stopped.


“I have deposited Rs 1, 00,000. The society had promised Rs 1,000 interest per month. It seems we will not get single paisa, now. The agents are telling me that manager has escaped with all money. Trace the manager and take money from him,” said Laxmi.

Ayub Shaikh
Social worker Ayub Shaikh

Laxmi has another exclusive story. The society took all her original documents (passbook and receipt also) on pretext of issuing new one. Now she has no proof that she has invested money in the society.

Similar incident happened with Sarfaraz Hamid Patel. 35 year-old Patel, a mutton shop owner has deposited cash and more than six tolas gold in society. He visited several times society but every-time he found Goye missing.

“I am running from pillar to post to meet to manager Pramod Goye but all my attempts are in vain. The society staff is not co-operating. The agents are also giving various excuses,” said Sarfaraz.

Not only Sachin and Malan Rokde’s but more than 2,000 investor’s stories are similar. They have deposited a huge amount in the society.

Fed up with this, few investors approached social worker Ayub Shaikh from the area seeking help in the matter. Shaikh contacted the society. He was given the same response.

“Agents told me that manager Goye has escaped with all money. They also told that they (agents) have registered complaint in police (crime branch) against Goye. Now contact the police,” said Shaikh.

Shaikh contacted Kalwa police station, as well as crime branch, Thane but found a negative reply. Society had not registered any complaint against Goye with the police. They are misguiding to investors.

Laxmi (left) and Sarfaraz Hamid (right)
Victims Laxmi (left) and Sarfaraz Hamid (right)

Pramod Goye had floated the New Raigad Co-operative Credit Society Limited at Vishwakarma Nagar, Kalwa (west) in Thane in 2004.  He appointed seven agents including two women. The agents collected huge money promising attractive interest. There are more than 2,000 investors in society from nearby localities. All of them are financially weak.

Duping the investors of lakhs of rupees through dubious investment schemes, Goye went missing.

All his cellphone numbers are switched off. However, ABI succeeded in contacting Goye. Justifying his side Goye said, “As we are forming a new committee, the transactions have been stopped. I am not missing. I am available in society every evening between 4 to 6 pm.” (ABI visited two days continuously but Goye was not available in society).

“We are issuing new cheques so we have taken original documents from investors. The society will start functioning from August 25 regularly,” he added.

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