Manohar Dongre (left) and Baburao Dongre (right)

Ranjit Mahanti

MORE than 13 people from Parel, Kanjurmarg, Bhandup, Bhiwandi and Ambernath in Thane district have approached Kanjurmarg police station complaining against Kanjurmarg based, Ballaleshwar Sahkari Patpedhi Maryadit for fraud. The complainants had an unpleasant surprise last month, when they received letters from ‘Ballaleshwar Sahkari Patpedhi Maryadit, asking them to repay loans which none of them claims to have ever taken.

According to the complaint (copy available with ABI) Yogesh Sampat Shewale, a resident of Leena Vila Chawl, Ashok Nagar, Bhandup (East) had taken Rs. 1,00,000 loan from Kanjurmarg based Jan-Jivhala Pat-Sanstha Maryadit through agent Sambhaji Narayan Adhavakar. For that Shewale had mortgaged his LIC policy certificate. After a year in 2009 he paid the loan.

Victim Yogesh Sampat Shewale

In 2010, Shewale again approached agent Sambhaji Narayan Adhavakar for Rs. 3, 00,000 loans to repair his house. After verifying the documents Adhavakar told that no bank will sanction loan on the basis of the documents. Adhavakar further suggested him that he will manage loan from any Pat-Sanstha as he had relations with several Pat-Sanstha owners.

Adhavakar introduced Shewale to Baburao Dongre, the President of Ballaleshwar Sahakari Patpedhi Maryadit. After verifying the documents Dongre agreed to sanction Rs. 3, 00,000 loans to Shewale. Promising to sanction loan within a month Adhavakar took signature on several papers as well as on blank paper. Adhavakar also mortgaged several documents as well as LIC policy certificate, Salary receipt and House agreements papers. After three months when loan was not sanctioned Shewale met Dongre and Adhavakar. Dongre told Shewale that the committee members turned down due to lack of his documents.

“Dongre ne bataya ki Committee members ne meeting ki aur documents sufficient nahin hone ki vajah se loan reject kar diya,” said Shewale.

In 2011, Adhavakar again met Shewale and promised to sanction loan from Jan-Jivhala Pat-Sanstha. He again took signature on several documents and sanctioned Rs. 3, 00,000 loans. Since, then Shewale is paying the loan.

Sambhaji Narayan Adhavakar
Sambhaji Narayan Adhavakar

Surprisingly, in December 2012, Shewale received a letter of Ballaleshwar Sahakari Patpedhi Maryadit through advocate S D Dumbre demanding Rs. 3, 25,000 to be repaid. After seeing the notice Shewale was shocked. He met Dongre and Adhavakar. After verifying the notice Dongre asked Shewale to don’t worry as notice was fake and by mistake was delivered. If he (Shewale) has not taken loan then there is no question of issuing a notice in his name.

“Dongre ne kaha ki galati se notice chali gayi hogi. Agar maine loan nahin liya hai to chinta karne ki koi baat nahin. Sab bhool jao,” said Shewale.

On July 3, 2014 Shewale was more shocked when he received legal notice from Special Recovery and Sales Officer Co-operative Department, Mumbai. The letter’s contents was that Ballaleshwar Sahakari Patpedhi Maryadit has registered offence against Shewale under section 101 of Maharashtra Sahakari Sanstha Act-1960 and authorised to recover Rs. 4,24,681.

“I was almost unconscious to see the letter. When I approached Adhavkar and Dongre they refused to say anything on issue. Now I have complained at Kanjurmarg police station.

On August 16, 2014, Shewale wrote a complaint letter (copy available with ABI) to the Kanjurmarg police station demanding an enquiry into the matter.

Kanjurmarg Police informed Shewale that he is not the only one to receive such letters. Over 13 persons including Iwan Leslie Montero of Kanjurmarg, Bhandup, Bhiwandi, Parel and Ambernath of Thane district have been recipients of similar letter. The letter also instructed them to either repay the amount or face the consequences.

“We have all related documents that prove Shewale has taken loan. We have approached court and now court will decide into the matter,” said Baburao Dongre.

“I am not aware about matter. Call on Monday around 11am. First verify who is investigation officer and then talk to him about status,” said Nishikant Tungare,” Senior Inspector Kanjurmarg police station.

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