Sr Pi P R Chavan

Krishna Pujari

THE true colours of Bhandup in Mumbai Police were revealed, when 22 year old, Sazia Khan (name changed) was trying to register an FIR against her boss who molested her on several occasions. Senior Inspector, Pratap Rekhasing Chavan and Assistant Police Inspector Mahesh Patankar, forced her to accept money and settled the matter and to not register a case. When Sazia refused to submit to their demands Chavan pushed her and threw her out of the police station and booked her husband under charges of molestation.

On Saturday, Riyaz Ansari, Sazia’s husband was produced in the Bhoiwada court and was remanded under police custody till Monday.

Sazia, has been struggling to register and FIR against her boss Ajay Murlidhar Tripathi, the Managing Director of Grover’s Multi Solutions Pvt. Ltd., who molested her on several occasions, and the day when Sazia resisted and protested against the assault, she was suppressed by Tripathi, who ordered his entire staff to slap her and threaten her of raping her.

Sazia said, “Fed up of Tripathi’s attitude towards me, I slapped him”.

On June 23, 2014, Sazia made a complaint (copy available with ABI), against Tripathi at the Bhandup police station. Sazia, a resident of Titwala, Thane, has been working for Grover’s Multi Solutions Pvt. Ltd., located at Dream Mall, Bhandup for the last 7 months. Police officer Prakash Patankar was looking into the matter and denied registering an FIR against Tripathi and forced her to settle the matter by accepting money.

Sazia said, “Patankar Kahte they paise lekar matter settle karo”.

On Friday, When Sazia denied accepting Patankar’s proposal he asked her to visit the police station on Saturday with her husband and promised her to register an FIR and also arrest Tripathi. On Saturday when Sazia went to the police station, Patankar refused to file an FIR and threatened to register a cross complaint against her husband, also suggest her to settle the matter by accepting money. Sazia was not satisfied with Patankar’s response so decided to meet Senior Inspector Pratap Chavan, who was also backing Patankar’s words and suggested her to settle the dispute. In the conversation, Chavan suddenly got agitated and pushed her and the other two people accompanying her, out of the police station.

“Chavan ne mujhe aur mere colleagues ko dhakka dekar bahar nikaal diya”, said Sazia.

Later when Sazia came to know about her husband’s arrest she complained Rakesh Maria, the commissioner of Police against the two officers, Patankar and Chavan. When Chavan got to know about the complaint against him, he contacted several leaders to save him, promising to register an FIR against Tripathi only if Sazia withdrew her complaint against him.

When people like Tripathi are backed by the police they are motivated to commit crime. Tripathi is planning to kidnap Sazia and the other lady who accompanied her, who was also a victim of Tripathi’s deeds.

“Tripathi had molested me several times. Once I had slapped him,” said lady.

On Saturday, Tripathi’s men had gone at lady’s office in Dreams Mall, Bhandup. They threatened the lady’s boss demanding her contact number.

The officials speak

“I am new in the police station. We arrested Ansari after received the molestation complaint. The journalist were demanding action on our officer Patankar. Send complainant to us. We will arrest Tripathi,” said Chavan.

“We have arrested Riyaz Ansari.  Sazia fled from police station when I told her that we are going to arrest her husband,’ said Patankar.

“Big Brother” called

Note : On Sunday around 7.25 PM, a man called at ABI Office, introducing himself as “Mani Bhai”. He told that he is brother of Sr. Inspector P R Chavan. Mani asked several times that why this reporter called Chavan? What this reporter wants ? He also threaned that do not call again to my brother Chavan. Call me direct if any thing required. Like this reporter, he keeps lots of reporters in his pocket. 

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