Sharmila Mishra

BOLLYWOOD actor Shakti Kapoor has been booked on Wednesday for smoking at Jaipur airport.

According to media report, Anand Singh Rathore, the director of a cricket academy in Jaipur, registered a complaint with the chief judicial magistrate of Jaipur on Tuesday.

Rathore’s lawyer Nem Singh Rathore informed the court that Kapoor had violated law by smoking at the airport on Monday. Rathore informed the court that the law bars smoking in public places. In the complaint it was also said that the film stars are promoting crime by smoking in public.

The court has made Kapoor and the director of the new airport as the accused and would be hearing the matter on June 6.

Earlier, taking cognizance of Anand’s complaint, Shah Rukh Khan was summoned for smoking in public at SMS Stadium during an IPL match on April 8. He alleged that despite a ban on public smoking in the state, the actor, who is also the co-owner of Kolkata team, smoked openly in front of thousands of cricket fans during the match between Rajasthan team and the Kolkata team.

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