In a charged address at the BJP national headquarters, Union Minister Smriti Irani levied severe allegations against the Trinamool Congress (TMC) led by Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal. Irani claimed that TMC operatives have been engaging in a systematic campaign of identifying and abducting young and beautiful women from Hindu households across the state, subjecting them to repeated assaults until the perpetrators deemed their actions sufficient.

Irani detailed a harrowing pattern where TMC goons allegedly visited homes to determine which women were the most attractive or youngest, telling their husbands that they no longer had any rights over them. These women, once identified, were reportedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted repeatedly by TMC henchmen, specifically targeting Hindu families in a spree of violence and degradation.

The Union Minister also brought to light the plight of some women from Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, who came forward to share their ordeals in Bengali with the media. She questioned the continued prevalence of state-sponsored violence against Hindus and the rape of Hindu women under the TMC regime.

Smriti Irani further criticized TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan, accusing his goons of attacking Enforcement Directorate officers with bricks and stones, injuring them. She alleged that Mamata Banerjee, for political gain, has compromised the dignity of women from SC, ST, fishermen, and farmer communities, essentially trading off the Hindu massacre to maintain her political dominion.

Irani’s stark accusations put a spotlight on the alleged silence of Mamata Banerjee regarding these atrocities and demanded accountability for Sheikh Shahjahan’s whereabouts. The allegations have stirred a significant controversy, highlighting a grim narrative of targeted violence and exploitation in West Bengal.

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