Ranjit Mahanti

SPECIAL public prosecutor (SPP) Pradip Gharat suddenly left the QNET scam case. Gharat was appearing in various court cases filed in the Bombay High Court, Sessions Court, Esplanade Court and Bandra Metropolitan Court on behalf of economic offenses wing (EOW), Unit III of  Mumbai police.

Surprisingly, Gharat started ignoring to appearing the QNET cases. The Vanamala bank account de-freezing case pending with the Bandra 9th Court he did not appear for 4 consecutive times. This case is up for final hearing and order tomorrow i.e on the 31st of May 2014.

Gurupreet Singh Anand, the complainant (whistle blower) in this case when contacted to the Gharat he told that he has resigned from the all QNET cases. On May 30 he filed an application (copy available with ABI) with the Secretary- Law and Judiciary Department, Home Minister, Chief Justice-Bombay High Court, Principal Judge- Sessions Court, CMM-Esplanade court, commissioner of police, CP-Mumbai, Additional commissioner of EOW and others apprising them of this un-fortunate development. According to Anand, Pradip Gharat is an expert on financial crimes and MLM Fraud and steps should be initiated to re-instate the special PP as soon as possible.

The other side another accused (managing director) in the QNET scam M/S Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt Ltd have also filed a new case in the sessions 23rd court for un-blocking of their websites from which they were operating this money circulation scheme. As of now there is no clarity as how these cases will proceed in the absence of the special PP. Apart from this there are other many cases pending in the Bombay High Court and other courts also.

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