PSI Tanaji Kapade

Sushil Singh

POLICE sub inspector (PSI) Tanaji Kapade attached with Ram Nagar police station in Dombivali (East) called a person Lalbabu Harbansh Mishra in Beer Bar to record his statement in a cheating case. Kapade tried to force Mishra to pay alcohol bill of Rs 3,500 which Mishra refused.

Lalbabu Mishra (49) on December 22, 2017 complained (copy with ABI) to several top cops against Kapade demanding strict action against him. Mishra is a resident of Sairaj Park, Dombivali (East), Thane. Last week Kapade phoned Mishra and called him at the police station. Kapade told Mishra that his business partner Gaurishankar Kalu Singh has complained against him (Mishra) for cheating of Rs 5, 59,000 by stealing 22 cheques.

On instruction of Kapade, Mishra met him on December 14, 2017 around 10.45 pm at his residence Adarsh Park building, Dombivali (East). Kapade told Mishra that he had cheated his partner of Rs 5,59,000 but if he would give him Rs 3 lakh he will settle the matter. Mishra told Kapade that he had not cheated Singh and will not give single paisa to settle the matter.

“Kapade ne mujhe apne ghar pe bulaya aur bataya ki tumne Singh ke saath Rs 5,59,000 ki cheating ki hai. Tum sirf 3 lakh rupaye de do, main matter settle kar doonga. File band kar doonga. Maine Rs 3 lakh dene se inkaar kar diya,” said Mishra.

On December 18, 2017 around 7.30 pm Kapade called Mishra in Sai Pooja Beer Bar, near Dombivali (East) railway station to record his statement where Kapade demanded Rs 20,000 and ordered him to pay bill of Rs 3,500. “Kapade ne kaha ki mujhe Rs 20,000 do aur mere teen doston ne kuchh khaya-peeya hai tum Rs 3,500 bill pay kar do. Maine refuse kar diya,” said Mishra.

Lalbabu Mishra

Angry Kapade called Mishra on December 19, 2017 around 8.30 pm at Ram Nagar police station. Kapade asked Mishra to answer only in YES or NO if he had cheated Singh. Kapade threatened that he had several ways to get a a YES from him. Kapade took signature on a paper on which few words were written. Mishra smelled something fishy. He complained against Kapade through his lawyer Ashutosh M Dubey.


What is the matter ?
Lalbabu Mishra and Gaurishankar Singh had started business together in 2001 by name Geeta-Durga Metal Company at Dombivali. Singh used to sit on the shop and Mishra was doing the purchase and outfield activities. In 2002 to 2005 Singh issued 22 cheques (amounting Rs 5, 59,000) to withdraw the money for utensils purchasing. Mishra withdrew the money as cheques were SELF. Singh also forged paper and took loans (Rs 70,000 and Rs 1, 20,000) in name of Mishra and Geeta-Durga Metal Company from Bhartiya Yuva Vikas Pat Sanstha, Bhandup. Singh, a retired teacher, was chairman of pat Sanstha. The committee members removed Singh from chairmanship and matter is pending in Mulund court. Angry Singh managed Kapade and complained against Mishra to teach him lesson. Remember, cheques were issued in year 2002 and 2005 and matter is civil in nature but Kapade took SUPARI and acting as recovery agent.

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