Ranjit Mahanti

The Rafi Ahmed Kidwai (RAK) Marg police have arrested two men for allegedly sexually exploiting a 13-year-old girl in Parel village since three months. The accused were allegedly threatening and blackmailing to the girl that they will tell adverse things about her friendship with a boy to her mother.

The accused identified as Sunil Mahendra Singh (37) and Bhullar Bahraichi Khan (30) and were arrested on Monday. Singh is a cleaner and is a resident of Parel Village and Khan works in a rationing office and stays in Cotton Green area.

According to the police, the victim is a class VIII student, who lives with her mother and two brothers in Parel Village.

In December 2013, Singh stopped to the girl. He threatened that he will tell her mother about her friendship with a boy. After threat Singh took the girl in a public lavatory room and sexually exploited her. When Khan learnt about Singh’s activities he too sexually exploited the girl since January 2014. Apart from the lavatory the accused also exploited the girl in their homes.

The matter came into light, when on Monday a lady saw Singh and girl in the public toilet. She told everything to girl’s mother and the girl narrated everything to her mother.

“We have booked Singh and Khan under sections 376 (rape), 354 (molestation) and 34 (common intention) of Indian Penal Code and sections 4 (committing penetrative sexual assault), 5 -l (committing penetrative sexual assault), 6 (committing aggravated penetrative sexual assault), 10 (committing aggravated sexual assault), 12 (committing sexual harassment) and 18 (Punishment for attempt to commit an offense under this law) of Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act,” said a police officer from RAK Marg police station.

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