Dnyaneshwar Gawade 

The team of Humshakals which was in Mauritius shooting the final leg of the film recently concluded the shoot and called it a wrap.

But what we hear is that on the last day of the shoot, director Sajid Khan and the Humshakals team was in for a surprise as the Vice Prime Minister of Mauritius Xavier Luc Duval and Minister of Arts and Culture Mookhesswur Choonee came to visit the team on the sets.

In fact, on Sajid Khan’s insistence, Xavier Luc Duval even clapped for the last shot of Humshakals for which they were shooting at that time.

A source close to the team confirmed that, ‘It was the last day of the shoot and Mr. Xavier Luc Duval and Mr. Mookhesswur Choonee came to meet the entire crew. Being such a sport, they also clapped for the last sequence which we were shooting for. Later after wrapping up the shoot they all spent some time together.

Well, having such dignitaries on the sets would definitely have been a good experience!!

Director Sajid Khan and Humshakals team with Mr Xavier Luc Duval and Mr. Mukhesswur Choone[divider]Humshakals team with the Vice Prime Minister of Mauritius

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