Jaikishan Keswani
Victim Jaikishan Keswani


A 23-year-old youth from Ulhasnagar was allegedly killed and later his body was thrown on the railway tracks. The youth Jaikishan Keswani’s family alleged that he was killed by lottery gambler to avoid paying his gambling debts.

Jaikishan Keswani a B.com student was a resident of Mohan Plaza building, Opposite Vitthalwadi police station, Ulhasnagar-4, district Thane. On July 22, 2014 his body was found at railway track, near Ulhasnagar railway station. However, Government Railway Police (GRP), Kalyan have not taken the matter seriously and have registered ADR (accidental death register) only.

On July 23, 2014 his father Manohar Laxmandas Jeswani complained (copy available with ABI (abinet.org) to GRP, Kalyan demanding investigation into the matter.

Jeswani (50) runs small lottery business by name Ashish Lottery, near government (delivery home) hospital, Ulhasnagar- 4. His son Jaikishan was temporary helping to him in the business. On July 22 around 3pm, Jaikishan told his father that he is going to collect lottery money worth of Rs 1,35,000 near Chopda court, Ulhasnagar-3. A gambler Sumit (full name/address not known) had lost the money. After meeting to Sumit, Jaikishan told his father that he has received Rs 90,000 but Sumit wants to play one more game of Rs 45,000. Sumit played Rs 45,000 game but lost.

A little later Jaikishan informed his partner that he had reached at Powai Chowk but a suspected car was following him. Later his mobile phone got switched off.

Around 4.40pm a constable Mane from Kalyan GRP phoned to Manohar Jeswani and told that Jaikishan’s body has been found at railway track, near Ulhasnagar railway station and has been sent to Civic-run- Central Hospital for postmortem. Manohar and other family members rushed to hospital.

The primafacie circumstance says that Jaikishan was killed and his body was thrown at rail track but Kalyan GRP officials registered ADR only.

Reasons of Jaikishan’s killing :

  • His body was lying on track as throwing position.
  • Wound of attacks by sharp-edged weapon on head.
  • Cloths were torn.
  • The mobile battery was removed, damaged and lying near body, but Mobile handset was safe.
  • Cash was missing.
  • Footwear (chappal) was missing.
  • Locket was missing.
  • Motorcycle was found near Jaslok School a very long way from spot.
  • Motorcycle’s key was missing.
  • And very important at 3.18pm he had SMSed to a friend, “call me-Jaicky.”
  • 3.53pm he had SMSed again- “help me.”
  • Earlier he had told his partner that a suspected car was following him.

These open circumstance/points have been completely ignored by Kalyan GRP officials.

When contacted Senior Inspector Somnath Tambe from Kalyan GRP said, “our investigation has not completed yet but prima facie it do not look like murder. “

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arun. d.panicker
arun. d.panicker
9 years ago

Whenever the press interferes the ? from the police dept is the same like investigation is going on otherwise no need to investigate the incident.

8 years ago

Police should gound sumeet….n cyber crime can solve the case easily

9 years ago

Family shud knock the media door.

9 years ago

God must punish them who do this crual acts.may his soul rest in peace.

8 years ago

god will never that people who killed jacky..selfish logh paise k liye Jacky ko maar dhala…BAppa will nvr that people who killed Jacky…

6 years ago

Akela sir thanku aapne mere bete ka net p daala but police k paas time kaha h garib logo k liye enquiry kare nahi humne koi paisa diya police haa but im sure this was murder im mom of jacky