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Saurabh Ojha

IT happens only in Ulhasnagar. 42 students of R. K. Talreja College in Ulhasnagar were declared fail by the Higher Secondary Board of Education, Maharashtra (HSC Board), as they were marked absent in the EVS Project Exam. But, the college management provided marks to the students on a plain paper, authorized by the college, so that it helps the students to take admission in their respective degree courses.

When the results were declared on June 2, 2014, the 42 students were shocked to see their results and immediately approached the college principal, Dr Lalitambal Natrajan, through social worker, Deepak Watwani. The Dr. Natrajan, acknowledged that it was an error by the college staff as the teacher had forgotten to submit the marksheets of the respective students, and they were marked as absent in their HSC result.

Deepak Watwani confirmed, “Dr. Natarajan accepted it as the fault of the college management and assured to look into the matter.”

Later the college issued the letters (copy available with ABI) to the students authorizing them as passed.

Letter is stated below:


Mr/Mrs…… seat no….has been declared ‘FAIL’ in the HSC examination conducted in Feb/March 2014. He/she is shown as absent in the subject of EVS for which marks are given by the college.

However he/she has been assigned 46 marks in the subject which is sufficient for passing in the subject. We have addressed the matter with the HSC board and his/her revised result to be declared in ten days.

This certificate issued for the purpose of admission in various institutes.

When contacted Dr Nand Vagarya, Vice Principal of college said, “The matter is in our knowledge. We are in touch with HSC state board. The board is issuing certificate, altering the mark-sheet, very soon.”

This is one of the examples of careless behaviour by college authorities. Many such cases happen but are killed before they see the day-light.

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