Globus Hospital

Priti Pathak

An right to information (RTI) reply revealed that the Global Hospital at Asalpha Village in Kurla, is also functioning without license and registration for the last six months. Earlier Arogyam and Sai Samruddhi Hospitals at Kanjur Marg were found functioning without license and registration.

Bharat Venkat Sarge, the joint director, Mumbai regional committee, All India Human Rights and Citizen Option (AIHRCO) had submitted an RTI application (copy available with ABI) on January 6, 2014 in the L-ward of BMC demanding information enquiring about the license of the Global hospital at Asalpha Village, Kurla. On January 30, 2014, L-ward of BMC replied (copy available with ABI) that Nursing Home Registration Certificate has been not issued to Global hospital, under Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act, 1949.

“This is shocking that the Global hospital is functioning without license and registration,” said Sarge.

On June 13, 2014, Sarge complained (copy available with ABI) to the top BMC officials against Global hospital and Dr Sanjay Funde, the health officer, L-ward, Kurla. Funde a well-known corrupt officer is protecting illegal activities in area, had refused to take any action against the hospital.

Global hospital is conducting various surgical procedures including medical termination of pregnancy without requisite license.

“This is true that Global hospital has no license. We have sent notice and also taking legal action against the hospital,” said Funde.

Last week, ABI has published two articles that Arogyam hospital and Sai Samruddhi hospital at Kanjur Marg are functioning without a license.

Manish Kotian, the chairman of Bhoja Education and Social Trust (B.E.S.T.) had obtained two RTI applications (copy available with ABI) in the S-ward of BMC demanding information if Arogyam and Sai Samruddhi hospitals at Kanjur Marg (east) have proper license or no. S-ward of BMC replied (copy available with ABI) that hospitals (Arogyam and Sai Samruddhi) are not registered under Mumbai Nursing Home Act, 1949.

The Hospitals are admitting and treating patients suffering from all sorts of ailments. Various surgical procedures also are being conducts in the hospital without requisite license.

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