Ramdas Babarao Dandge
Ramdas Babarao Dandge

Krishna Pujari

A 33-year-old typist from Bandra court has complained against a 63-year-old advocate for allegedly raping her for several years. The victim is running from pillar to post to register an FIR but police is refusing to register her complaint.

Last month the complainant Vandana Jadhav (name changed to protect her identity) has complained (copy available with ABI) in writing to several police stations as well top police officials requesting to register rape FIR against advocate Ramdas Babarao Dandge.

VictimDandge is practicing in Bandra court for three decades.

According to Vandana, in 1997 Dandge appointed her as typist in his office located opposite Bandra court. One day Dandge took her to a lodge in Powai on pretext of court work.  There he raped her for the first time.

“Dandge asked me take a file and sit on motorcycle. On pretext of file work he took me in lodge at Powai. There he raped me. When I asked him what he is doing this he said all senior advocates do ‘this’ with their juniors and staff,” said Vandana.

Vandana left job for some time but Dandge approached her and appointed her  back. He was quite for some time but slowly slowly he again maintained physical relation.

“Dandge often took me at his home on pretext of court work. There he regularly raped me. He also introduced me to his friends as his wife” said Vandana a resident of Bandra (east).

Fed up with the regular rape scene Vandana left job of Dandge. Since two months she is running from pillar to post to register FIR against Dandge.

Dandge was already married and has a 17-year-old daughter from first wife. But their relations were not good. She is living separately.

The lawyer speak

Vandana is my wife. I married her when she was 24- year-old. All staff and advocates know that she is my wife. One of my colleagues has performed black magic on Vandana and took away her from me. She became unsound. I have filed a case in Bandra court to get her back from colleague lawyer.  My wife (Vandana) is innocent.

After repeated attempts Mahesh Patil, spokesperson, Mumbai police was not available for comment.

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