Ranjit Mahanti

AROUND 80 Indians have died in Saudi Arabia during the Haj pilgrimage this year. All deaths are due to illness or age-related ailments, media reports.

A total of 2,085,238 pilgrims, including 1,389,053 foreigners, performed this year’s Haj.

The Indian Consul General B S Mubarak told media persons that of the 136,020 Indian pilgrims who performed Haj this year, 100,020 came through the Haj Committee of India.

77 Indian pilgrims have died so far and all, apart from one person, have died due to natural causes. One person died in a lift accident in the early days of the pilgrimage.

An NGO, Tawafa Organisation for Pilgrims from Arab Countries issued statistics that a total of 133 Arab foreign pilgrims have died so far, while 213 others have been admitted to hospitals .

More than 2,65,000 pilgrims from Arab countries arrived in the Kingdom to perform Haj this year. The majority of pilgrims (68,749) have come from Egypt, followed by Algeria, Morocco and Iraq.

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