Rakhi Birla
Rakhi Birla

Ranjit Mahanti

AAP candidate from Delhi North-West Mahendra Singh returned the Loksabha ticket and accused former cabinet minister of Delhi Rakhi Birla of demanding Rs 7 lakh to campaign for him.

“When I asked her (Birla) to campaign for me in her constituency, she simply refused to work. Just before Holi, on March 15, she demanded Rs 7 lakh from me,” Singh alleged.

“I took up the issue with (AAP) secretary Pankaj Gupta. He said that the matter would be brought up in the Political Affairs Committee, but nothing was done.

“So, I have decided to withdraw my candidature,” Singh added.

Birla was in the race for an AAP ticket from either North-West or North-East Delhi, but she was passed over after the party decided not to allow any of its former MLAs to contest the parliamentary elections in view of protests from party workers.

Birla is expected to replace Singh despite its stand of not giving tickets to former MLAs.


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