Saurabh Ojha and Priti Pathak

THE Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau (MACB) on Thursday and Friday arrested six officials in three traps on deferent locations. A Kalva Inspector arrested in Nagpur, Gramsevak at Jalgaon and Talathi at Buldhana, another Talathi at Beed and Baal Sachiv officer at Osmanabad.

Arrest of Kaalva inspector

According to ACB press note, Kaalva inspector at Nagpur, was arrested for demanding and accepting of bribe of Rs. 1,000.

The complainant wanted to know whether his farm comes under profit zone or not? He sent his request to district collector. The complainant approached Ashok Sambhalkar who is the Inspector of the Kalwa zone, without co-operating he allegedly demanded bribe of Rs. 1000 for further processing of work. Having no wish to give the bribe on June 18 complainant approached ACB and registered a complaint against Sambhalkar.

On June 19, ACB officials, Nagpur laid a trap and arrested Sambhalkar while accepting bribe of Rs. 1,000.

Arrest of Jalgaon Gramsevak

Dilip Kautik More, the Gramsevak of Jalgaon was arrested for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 2,000.

The complainant is a resident of Ghodegaon, Jalgaon. He had a land registered on his father’s name. The complainant wished to construct house at that place. He had filed an application for transfer of papers on his name in the Grampanchayat office. Gramsevak More, demanded Rs. 2,500 from the complainant. The complainant paid Rs 2,500 but More gave him a receipt of Rs. 500 only.

The complainant registered FIR against More with the ACB. On June 19, around 11:10 am More was arrested from Grampanchayat office for accepting (remaining) Rs 2,000 as bribe.

Arrest of Buldhana Talathi

Sadashiv Fatuji Thackeray, the Talathi of Samarth Nagar, Buldhana has been booked for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 2,000 by ACB.

On May 28, complainant registered FIR against Thackeray. The complainant has received 5 acres of land in reward. He has applied for changing his name on saat/barah/ registration documents. For that Thackeray allegedly demanded bribe of Rs. 5,000.

The complainant already had paid Rs. 3,000 and filed complaint for not having wished to pay remaining amount of Rs. 2,000.

The ACB responded to the complaint immediately but Thackeray was not arrested due to his absence in office. Later on June 19, ACB officials arrested Thackeray while accepting bribe of Rs 2,000 at Talathi office Shevgaon road, Khamgaon.

Arrest of Beed Talathi

Beed Talathi Uttamrao Kudke arrested for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 3,000.

The complainant wanted a new 7/12 registration of land on the basis of legal heir so he approached Talathi office. Where Kudke without co-operating him allegedly demanded bribe of Rs. 3,000. Complainant having no wish to give bribe reported the incident to ACB and filed complaint against Kudke.

On June 19, ACB planned to arrest Uttamrao on the given report. On set a trap of ACB at Siddheshwar hotel which is opposite to his office, Kudke was caught and arrested while accepting bribe of Rs. 3,000 from complainant.

Arrest of Two Baal Sachiv officials

Ashok Madhukrao Pawar and Nirmala Hatji, the Baal Sachiv were arrested by ACB, Osmanabad for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 1, 50,000.

The complainant is a teacher at Osmanabad Baal Sachiv Organization’s Saraswati Vidyalaya . The Vidyalay functions 100% under Osmanabad Baal Sachiv organization. Complainant filed a case against organization for sixth pay commission and pending salary at court. In return the organization also filed a case against the complainant. As the complainant filed case, organization sacked him from service.

But court directed organization to return position of complainant and the pending salary with sixth pay commission which sums upto Rs. 12, 000, 00.

From the money which was to be given to complainant the accused Pawar and Hatji demanded bribe of Rs. 10, 00,000. After a negotiation they reduced bribe amount to Rs 1, 50, 000 in front of five witnesses. The complainant not willing to pay the bribe reported to ACB and filed complaint against them.

On June 19, ACB officials laid a trap and arrested Pawar and Hatji red-handed while accepting bribe of Rs. 1, 50,000 from organization Sachiv’s room.

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