Sacred Heart School, Kalyan
Sacred Heart School, Kalyan


SACRED Heart School in Kalyan is again in news, but for no good reasons. Ghanshyam Bhagwan Talreja, a father of a child had carried out a sting operation last week on corrupt school administrator Albin Anthony, now another father Abdul Anwar Shaikh had carried out a sting operation on Anthony who asked for extortion (bribe) in exchange for an admission.

Shaikh (40), a resident of Ulhasnagar-4 a businessman, approached ABI after reading Talreja’s news at ABI (

His son is studying in a Bangalore Board School in 1st standard. He wanted to shift the child to Ulhasnagar. Last week he approached Sacred Heart School located at Varap Gaon, Kalyan. School clerk B J Davis and administrator/director Albin Anthony told him that they will take admission in baby-sitting.

“My son is studying in 1st standard at Bangalore but Davis and Anthony told me that they will admit the child in baby-sitting,” said Shaikh.

Albin Anthony
Director Albin Anthony who demanded Rs. 1.5 lakh

Besides of Rs 62,000 fees Davis and Anthony also demanded Rs 1.5 lakh donation. The accused (Davis and Anthony) told that there are only two seats available. If he can manage Rs 1.5 lakh donation then they would start the admission procedure. Shaikh requested them to reduce the donation amount. The accused reduced only Rs 10,000. They also said that they wanted the donation amount in cash.

“I was in good mood so reduced Rs 10,000, or else I would reduce only Rs 5, 000,” said Anthony to Shaikh.

Fed up with their attitude, Shaikh decided to teach them a lesson. He recorded the entire conversation.  (Copy (CD) available with ABI).

“I will file extortion FIR in police and also complaint in the education department,” said Shaikh.

Earlier sting operation:

On June 9 ABI had published an article under headline:Father attacked for doing a Sting Operation on Sacred Heart School at Kalyan, FIR registered.

36-year-old Ghanshyam Bhagwan Talreja, a resident of Goal Maidan area in Ulhasnagar-1, has registered an FIR in Ulhasnagar-1 police station alleging that he was brutally attacked by two men. He got a fracture in his right hand. Talreja had recorded the entire episode.

On June 2 Talreja had approached the school for the admission of his son in Jr Kg. School clerk B J Davis handled him. Initially Davis told Talreja that admissions are full. No seat is available. More than 50 men are in queue. But he (Talreja) seemed to be a good man so he can manage one seat for his son. Davis gave a chit to Talreja detailing about school fees i.e. Rs 36,000 fee for an year, Rs 3,000 registration fee, Rs 2,000 form fee, Rs 13,800 bus fee and Rs 7,000 for dress, pencil, bags etc.

Davis also demanded Rs 1, 00,000 lakh donation. On second day Talreja deposited Rs 25,000 donation in cash.  He (Davis) asked balanced amount Rs 75,000 as soon as possible or he would impose a fine of Rs 2,000 on Talreja.

Fed up with their attitude, Talreja decided to teach them a lesson. He recorded the entire conversation.  (Copy (CD) available with ABI). But Anthony’s men got smell on recording. They thrashed Talreja badly causing fractured his right hand.

After repeated attempts Albin Anthony was not available for comment as his mobile phone was continuing switched off. School clerk B J Davis who is also an accused in the matter disconnected the mobile phone saying, “I have no time to talk you.”

Read soon: a mother of child approached ABI alleging  that school administrator Albin Anthony molested her.

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6 years ago

These both staff can fuck the school image like any thing.senior athority should take strick action against them.

Termination to be done with immidiate effect.

6 years ago

Such kind of peoples ruining the school image, Must take immediate action against them.